Eid homecoming has become an annual tradition in Indonesia, always followed by an increase in public spending, either to finance the trip itself or to buy gifts for relatives. With the 2022 homecoming directive issued by the government, homecoming activities can resume after being stopped due to the pandemic. In its capacity as a national switching institution, Jalin is ready to provide the convenience of the people who will do homecoming by providing ease of transaction through ATM Link.

In addition, the public is also allowed to do Eid homecoming only if they have received two vaccines and one booster, along with continuing to apply strict health protocols. However, breaking the fast together and holding open house events are prohibited for government officials and employees.

As a follow-up on President Jokowi’s announcement, the Ministry of Transportation immediately issued a Press Statement supporting the 2022 Eid homecoming policy. Some of the points discussed included:

  • People are allowed to do homecoming only if they have had two and one booster vaccine injection while still following strict health protocol.
  • The Ministry of Transportation will coordinate immediately with the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Ministries, and Institutions, along with other related elements as a follow-up to the 2022 homecoming policy.
  • The Ministry of Transportation will issue a Form Letter (SE) regarding technical implementation guidelines in the field, both for foreign and domestic travel.
  • The SE of the Ministry of Transportation is needed as a reference to ensure that the implementation of foreign and domestic travel can run smoothly and safely from Covid-19.
  • The technical implementation in the field will be discussed with stakeholders, including the Indonesian National Police, related to the mechanism for monitoring the provisions of travel requirements and the application of health protocols in the field.

Stay Convenient to Transact When at Homecoming Travel with ATM Link

Homecoming has been a tradition in Indonesia for a long time. Usually, this annual tradition will be followed by an increase in the expenses of homecoming travelers. They will use the funds to pay for their trips, such as buying vehicle fuel, transportation tickets, buying snacks, buying gifts for relatives, and taking money to give to nephews or other family members as holiday allowances.

In order to anticipate a surge in transactions, financial industry players must be able to prepare themselves by taking appropriate strategic steps. As a national switching institution, Jalin will also take various strategic steps to provide convenience for people who will do homecoming through its products and services. One of the Jalin services that can be used by the public to transact conveniently when at homecoming travel is ATM Link.

ATM Link is a network of ATMs owned by Himbara (Mandiri, BRI, BNI, and BTN) that facilitates ATM debit cardholder customers from Himbara to perform various financial transactions such as Check Balances, Cash Withdrawals, Transfers, and Bill Payments. The ATM Link network managed by Jalin has more than 38,000 ATM units spread throughout Indonesia.

Through ATM Link, people who are on their homecoming can make cash withdrawals and check account balances without being charged or transfer money between Himbaras at affordable fees.

To make the homecoming trip more comfortable, people should not forget to prepare several things. For example, physical health preparation, making travel budgets, checking the health of vehicles for those who do homecoming with private vehicles, and ordering tickets at least two weeks before departure to avoid more expensive costs.

In addition, it is also necessary to remember to comply with applicable health protocols to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which is still ongoing. For those who have not been vaccinated or have not received a complete vaccine, you can check the Peduli Lindungi application to get information on the nearest vaccination schedule and location.