A total of 9.862 units of Bank Mandiri ATMs Second Level Maintenance (SLM) are officially managed by PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin), marked by the online event “Kick Off of Bank Mandiri ATM SLM Transfer of Management”, Wednesday (31/3). The additional 8.425 ATM units, from the original of 1.437 units, is planned to start rolling out as of April 1, 2021 and spread across 12 Bank Mandiri areas throughout Indonesia. This synergy between Bank Mandiri and Jalin can ensure optimal Automated Teller Machines (ATM) services for customers through regular maintenance and machines repairment.

Carrying the theme of “Weave Synergy to Serve the Nation (Jalin Bersinergi untuk Melayani Negeri)”, the event was attended by Group Head of Electronic Channel Operation (ECO) Bank Mandiri Siti Sekarwati, President Director of PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara Boyke Yurista, Director of Managed Service Business of PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara Fajar Adimarta, Bank Mandiri ECO from 12 regional offices, along with the Department of Managed Service of Jalin. The event consisted of introduction between Bank Mandiri and Jalin team, report presentation on Bank Mandiri ATM management and performance improvement process by Jalin, and closed with the kick off ceremony through virtual group photo session.

“We are grateful for the trust given by Bank Mandiri to Jalin to manage thousands of units of ATM SLM and are committed to continuously maintain the quality of service through the best SLAs.  ATM SLM is one of our Managed Service initiatives that continues to be prepared and developed. With the support of Bank Mandiri to Jalin Regional Office, we are optimistic that this collaboration can run smoothly and able to answer the needs of customers,” said Fajar in his speech.

Jalin as a Service Aggregator Company standardizes services and systems to maintain the quality of Bank Mandiri’s ATM SLM Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the best standard, supported by affiliates of the Association of State-Owned Banks (HIMBARA) PT UG Mandiri as many as 46 branches in 12 Bank Mandiri areas. The transfer of ATM SLM management to Jalin is an important step in providing the best Managed Service for banking that is in line with stakeholder expectations, so that in the future payment services through ATMs can be better, more convenient and reliable.

Currently, Jalin manages a total of 14.882 units of ATMs SLM from 5 member banks, with 90.38% or 13.451 ATM units contributed from Bank Mandiri. These preventive and curative second-line ATM maintenance activities aims to minimize ATM damage and extend the life of ATMs. The scope of maintenance includes periodic maintenance called Preventive Maintenance (PM), reparation of ATM machines (including replacement of original spare parts) called Corrective Maintenance (CM), incidental work/special projects, training and consultation services.