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ATM Switching Link

ATM Link Switching is a service that facilitates all Himbara’s cardholders to check their bank account’s balance enquiry, cash withdrawals, Transfers, and Bill Payments in all ATM channels within the Link network. ATM Link switching system can process more than 400 million transactions in a year.



  1. Balance Inquiry
    2. Cash Withdrawal
    3. Transfers
    4. Payments *


Debit Switching Link

The Debit Switching Link service is part of the National Payment Gateway (NPG) Program which allows debit cardholders from banks that are members of the Debit Link network to be able to make transactions on EDC of banks that have been the member of the GPN program. Link Debit Switching is capable to process up to 24 million transactions in a year.


Purchase of goods/services or debit transactions through EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines at merchant/acquirer members of LINK.


Transaction Cancellation when  error occurred

Implementation Phase



Jalin as a Switching Institution is ready to support the QRIS implementation in 2020, which will interconnecting and interoprability every QR Code organizers.

Jalin has been able to gather dozens of Fintech as a member of this service.

In addition for the Domestic QRIS transactions services, QRIS will also serviceable for Cross Border transactions where foreigners can make transaction by scanning QRIS using applications from their respective countries as well as Indonesian payment applications can be used to scan QR codes overseas.



Purchase of goods / services or debit transactions through EDC at merchant / acquirer members of LINK

Cancellation / Void

Cancellation of the purchase of goods / services transactions or debit transactions if a transaction or system error occurs

QRIS Domestik

PJSP Licensing Flow