Forum Link Nataru 2021: Synergize in Providing Service Excellence to Customers

PT Jalin Payment Nusantara (Jalin) hosted the Forum Link Nataru on December 15, 2021, at Hotel Mulia, anticipating a surge in transactions ahead of Christmas and New Year. This is Jalin’s first offline event during the pandemic, and it adheres strictly to the applicable health protocols in order for the event to run smoothly and efficiently. This year’s event featured Mr. Wibawa Prasetyawan, LinkAja’s Chief Marketing Officer, as a guest star in the sharing session with an ASHIAP (Awesome Synergy, High Impact with All Partners) theme.

Forum Link is a place for discussions related to Jalin’s operations with members, which are routinely held twice a year. One of the goals is to anticipate a surge in transactions during big holiday celebrations such as Nataru (Christmas and New Years) and Rafi (Eid Al-Fitr).

The Forum Link Nataru 2021 event began with remarks from Jalin’s Chief Operating Officer Eddy Sofryano on the company’s overview and achievements in 2021. This year, Jalin has worked with 32 members, including 21 banks and 11 non-banks, to provide Managed Service ATM services for 16,368 ATMs spread across 34 provinces in Indonesia. Furthermore, Jalin provided a 100% availability system and reporting, same-day settlement reports, SLM ATM performance with an average of more than 99.56 percent, and a 100% SLA on-premises achieved.

However, Jalin also continues to innovate and improve in various aspects to provide high accountability services to all Members. One of them is through improving the switching report by adding fee-based information, committing to accelerate the settlement of suspect transactions, adding JSEECA tools or Jalin Site & Endpoint Controller Apps on the ATM Managed Service operational system.

In line with this, the Forum Link Nataru 2021 event this time is a forum to strengthen the synergy of Operational Excellence Jalin and Members, both Banks and Fintechs, in order to maximize services to customers who will celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays. This event was more conducive and interactive because it included various entertainments and sharing sessions in which LinkAja’s CMO Wibawa Prasetyawan shared stories about LinkAja’s experiences dealing with Christmas and New Year’s events.

We would like to express our appreciation for the participants’ enthusiasm and participation in the 2021 Nataru Link Forum event. We hoped that by attending this event, Link member participants would be able to strengthen their existing collaboration and encourage the realization of a better payment ecosystem.