November 3, 2018 – Today, Saturday (3/11), PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) celebrates its second anniversary, as a national switching company as well as subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia which has a vision to realize the efficiency and sovereignty of the national payment system.

Since it was established on November 3, 2016 based on the initiative of the Ministry of BUMN (State’s Owned Enterprise), Telkom and the National Bank Association (Himbara), Jalin continued to improve its best services in supporting the cashless society movement that has been promoted since 2014 by providing easy interbank transactions anywhere, anytime.

Jalin has two main services, ATM switching and Debit switching known to the public with the brand “Link” which has been actively operating since early 2017. Currently, Jalin has provided services to 18 member banks into an integrated Link network.

This year, Jalin’s strategic initiative focuses on (1) Debit LINK business development in the NPG (National Payment Gateway) scheme, (2) Increase the number of Jalin switching bank members, and (3) Investment in the Managed Service business which will be Jalin’s core business in the future.

The strategic initiative is in line with company’s goal to become the leading provider of payment system infrastructure in Indonesia with tagline “Interconnection for the Nation”.

In 2018, Jalin puts its efforts to the preparation of ATM Managed Service business. Supporting this plan, Jalin has made various technological investments such as the development of ATM monitoring systems and the development of Automated Back Office which is expected to bolster Jalin in providing maximum quality services to its members.

This second anniversary, Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara hopes to make more important and strategic contributions to Indonesia’s financial services industry by continuing to support the Cashless Society movement and the National Payment Gateway (NPG) program, that ultimately will create an efficient domestic payment system.