Jakarta – PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held the “Jalin CX Summit 2022” in a hybrid format on Saturday (26/02) at the Emeralda Golf Club in Depok, West Java. This event ran concurrently with the Fun Golf activity and was held to show appreciation to all Jalin members who worked together and synergized to get through 2021.

CEO of Jalin Boyke Yurista, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all members. Boyke invites all members to maximize each other’s potential and develop mutually beneficial, long-term collaboration. “On behalf of the entire management, I would like to thank you for the good synergy, and please keep in mind that the cooperation that has been established can be improved further so that it is mutually beneficial for Jalin and all members,” Boyke said.

Jalin CX Summit is the company’s first event held and packaged in the form of awards to show appreciation to all members. The following members have received awards:

  1. The Best Partner of The Year (Bank Mandiri)
  2. The Most Active Issuer ATM Business (BRI)
  3. The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business (BNI)
  4. The Most Excellence Sharia Bank (BSI)
  5. The Most Responsive Bank (BCA)
  6. The Most Supportive Bank (BTN)
  7. The Most Cooperative Bank (BPD Lampung)
  8. The Most Excellence Growth BPD (BPD Sumut)
  9. The Most Loyal Bank (Bank Ganesha)
  10. The Most Active QRIS (Bimasakti)

Jalin also hosted a webinar titled E-Commerce and Its Challenges in the Digital Age on the same day. The chosen theme supports the company’s plan to become a digital payment enabler in Indonesia, particularly in the digitization of the payment system and the expansion of the acceptance of the locally known as “Gerbang Pembayaran Nusantara” (GPN) debit card as an online payment tool. Bima Laga, General Chair of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), and Joni Haryono, General Manager of PT Infinitium Solutions (PTIS), spoke at the event.

In 2021, the reported value of e-commerce transactions had reached Rp401 trillion, and the potential for people who already use the internet but are not yet digitally literate is 20% of the total value of Indonesia’s population. “Two key factors that supported the growth in the use of e-commerce are logistics and a digital payment system, therefore it is essential for us to start supporting the growth of MSMEs because the majority of MSMEs in Indonesia are in the micro sector so that they can quickly switch to a digital ecosystem,” said Bima Laga.

Joni Haryono added that a safe system and provide convenience for users are needed to support the community switching to digital payment transactions. One of the systems that can guarantee this is the use of 3 Domain Secure or 3DS. “Through 3D Secure implemented by Jalin for all its members, Jalin will be represented as a directory server connecting payment gateways with bank members. This is expected to provide security for the public when transacting with GPN debit cards in e-commerce,” added Joni.

This advantageous time also provides an overview and broadens the acceptance of GPN debit cards, which were previously only accepted at offline merchants, to include online merchants. “Members can use this to answer public questions about how to maximize the use of GPN debit cards when transacting in E-Commerce at online merchants. This feature is consistent with Jalin’s role of providing convenience in every financial transaction in order to support the larger vision of becoming The National Digital Highway “Boyke concluded.