Indonesia has a homecoming tradition when Eid arrives. After gathering with family, often relatives who are already working distribute the holiday allowance or THR to their relatives. Unfortunately, this tradition can no longer be done because the government has prohibited Eid homecoming activities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, sharing the THR in this digital era can be done without hassle, so you don’t need to worry.

Technological advances have brought us to a digital era that makes everyday life easier. Many sectors were disrupted but also open up new opportunities that had never been explored. The payment sector cannot be separated from the current technological disruption. Now, we can make transactions anytime and anywhere, including in terms of distributing THR to families.


Sharing the THR in the Digital Era Without Hassle


In today’s digital era, the financial sector has been disrupted a lot. Many new financial technology services are popping up here and there without stopping. Payment methods are one of the financial sectors that are most affected by this technology disruption.

Now, we can make payments easily without having to meet face to face. It is certainly practical when the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing because it reduces social interactions and the potential for spreading the virus. In addition, we also take advantage of this to share the THR with families when we cannot meet directly. The following is a summary of tips for sharing Eid’s THR without the hassle for families in the digital era:


1. Send THR by transfer via ATM LINK


There are many ways to share THR in this digital era, one of the easiest ways you can try is to transfer THR via ATM LINK that spread throughout Indonesia. By using ATM LINK, transactions to the State-Owned Bank Association (HIMBARA) which are Bank BTN, BNI, Bank Mandiri dan BANK BRI can be done easier and more affordable. ATM LINK also facilitates people to transfer to other banks in Indonesia.


2. Send THR via Mobile Banking


Apart from using ATMs, sharing the THR with the family is within our grasp just by using the mobile banking application. With the mobile banking application, distributing THR to families can be done without ever needed to leave the house. The only thing that needs consideration is a stable internet connection so that the mobile banking application can make transactions without a hitch.


3. Send THR through QRIS


Another way to share THR in the digital era that can be done easily is by transferring THR via scanning a QRIS code. This method is somewhat easier to do than others because you only need to ask your relatives who will receive the THR to send their QRIS code image. In addition, another thing that you need to pay attention to is a stable internet connection.


There are Many Ways to Share the Joy of Eid al-Fitr


The rapid development of technology has opened many doors to new opportunities to do things effortlessly. One of those who enjoy this benefit is the financial sector. Now, many services can facilitate us to transfer a certain amount of money without the need to have a bank account and face-to-face meeting.

Apart from being practical and easy, the imposition of cheaper per transaction fees also makes digital transactions the right choice for those of you who want to keep sharing the joys of Eid by distributing THR, even while you cannot go anywhere.

Let us establish friendship together on Eid Al-Fitr while remaining disciplined in implementing health protocols. Eventough  the distance is far  apart,  but  the heart  must  remain  close  on the feast  day because there are  now  many  services  that  can be  used  to stay in touch.