The most recent QRIS feature development is QRIS TTS (Transfer Withdrawal and Deposit). It has entered the trial stage in the production environment carried out by several Payment Service Providers (PJP), both banks and non-banks. Bank Indonesia (BI) has been using QRIS as a national QR code standard since 2020 and has continuously improved this service. Previously, BI had launched features like the QRIS TTM, QRIS Cross Border, and SIAP QRIS program.

QRIS TTS is a new QRIS innovation that will ease users’ cash withdrawals and deposits simply by scanning the QRIS code through merchants. With this feature, users can receive cash from merchants with a nominal equal to the withdrawal transaction in their account. They can also deposit a certain amount of money to merchants as a stash transaction to their accounts.

The illustration of how to make transactions with the QRIS TTS feature is more or less like the following:

  1. Users come to QRIS merchants.
  2. After that, scan the merchant’s QRIS.
  3. Then, enter the transaction amount.
  4. After receiving a successful transaction notification, the user can either deposit some money with the merchant or receive cash from the merchant according to the nominal previously entered.


If this feature is successful through the trial period, its presence will benefit the QRIS user community, especially those in tier 2, 3, and rural cities. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Facilitating the public’s top-up e-wallet balances transactions.
  2. Saving time because there is no need to go to remote ATMs or bank branches to make cash withdrawals or deposits.
  3. Make it easier for families in the city to send money to families in the village who do not have bank accounts.
  4. Paving the way for people in tier 2, tier 3, and rural areas to enter the digital ecosystem.


The presence of the QRIS TTS feature will complement the three QRIS innovations launched previously. The three innovations are QRIS TTM, QRIS Cross Border, and the SIAP QRIS program.

QRIS TTM is a feature that eases users’ transactions without having to meet face-to-face. Meanwhile, QRIS Cross Border is a feature that enables users to make cross-border transactions by simply scanning the QRIS code.

Unlike the two previous features innovations, SIAP QRIS is an initiative program of BI in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade. This program targets merchants in markets and shopping centers across the country. It is a step towards implementing the digitalization of the payment system to expand payment acceptance in Indonesia.

In its capacity as a switching institution, Jalin is ready to support the implementation of the QRIS TTS feature through a leading payment system infrastructure that can ensure that digital transaction processing can run safely and smoothly. As a switching institution, Jalin itself obtained an approval permit in 2019 for processing transactions using QRIS.