Danareksa Group Provides Humanitarian Funds as an Effort to Accelerate the Management of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Danareksa Group Provides Humanitarian Funds as an Effort to Accelerate the Management of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jakarta, 18th June 2020 – Today PT Danareksa (Persero) has announced their support by providing humanitarian funds to The Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Task Force – The Disaster Management Agency. PT Danareksa (Persero) and its subsidiary under the Danareksa Group provided total funds of Rp 1.368.362.500,00 from The Board of Directors and Commissioners of Danareksa Group to help accelerate the handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia.

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic had impacted the world both socially and economically, including Indonesia. Therefore, as a form of responsibility and care from the company towards the current situation, PT Danareksa (Persero) which is a State Owned Enterprise (BUMN), together with its subsidiaries, is trying to minimize and accelerate the handling of Covid – 19 pandemic through this donation.

Arief Budiman, President Director of PT Danareksa (Persero) says, “We understand that the current situation is a trying time for everyone with the existence of the global pandemic, Covid-19. Therefore, we hope that this fund will be kindly received and can help meet the needs in handling Covid-19 in Indonesia, so it can also help contribute to flattening the pandemic curve.”

“Donation that has been collected is a form of our care and commitment as Danareksa Group to keep on contributing in lightening the burden of the medical personnel as well as other parties that contribute in handling the pandemic, which of course need the biggest support from everyone,” adds Arief.

The handover event was held at The Disaster Management Agency’ Financial Bureau, attended by Chairul Iman as the Head of Corporate Secretary Division. Afterwards, the submission of donations was done symbolically and was received by Tavib Joko Prahoro, The Head of The Disaster Management Agency’ Financial Bureau. The donation was given in the form of cash and later will be allocated to The Covid-19 Acceleration Handling Task Force – The Disaster Management Agency in dealing with the Covid- 19 pandemic that is currently happening in Indonesia to those in need.

PT Danareksa (Persero) previously distributed humanitarian aid to help tackle COVID-19 which was delivered to internal company parties as well as the wider community in the form of medicines and personal protective equipment.

Meanwhile, in the implementation effort of The New Normal, the Danareksa Group has prepared protocol steps as a guideline for the employee in carrying out their activity that involves all stakeholder and to maintain business operational continuity in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.

As for the steps that have been taken it is aligned with the directions from the Ministry of State Owned Enterprise in an effort to adapt to the New Normal Scenario within the State Owned Enterprises environment in Indonesia. The implementation of protocol and scenario will certainly comply with the Central and Regional Government regulations.

Source: website Danareksa (https://www.danareksa.co.id/publikasi/berita/grup-danareksa-berikan-bantuan-dana-kemanusiaan-dalam-upaya-percepatan-penanggulangan-pandemi-covid-19/)

Jalin Held an Online Ceremony to Lift the Spirit for Pancasila Day

Jalin Held an Online Ceremony to Lift the Spirit for Pancasila Day

Jakarta, 1st June 2020 – National Switching Company, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (JALIN) held an online ceremony to celebrate the birth of Pancasila  by using MS Teams platform that relayed the streaming broadcast of the ceremony from The State Palace, joined by all management and employees from their respective residences.

“The Pancasila spirit previously constructed by our founding fathers, hopefully can be implemented continuously up to today, even within the workplace, to make the Indonesian nation proud as its position as a sovereign country” said the President Director of PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara, Boyke Yurista upon his greetings before the ceremony streaming started, Monday (1/6).

The Pancasila Day commemoration that was held in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic, did not discourage the employee to keep following the ceremony that has started since 07.30 AM.

By complying with the health protocol of Covid-19 spread prevention, following up on the guidelines from the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency, the ceremony was held simultaneously online by 132 Jalin Employees.

The Birth of Pancasila is the speech title delivered by Soekarno on the Dokuritsu Junbi Cosakai Assembly (In Bahasa Indonesia : Badan Penyelidik Usaha Persiapan Kemerdekaan”) on June 1st 1945.

Within this speech the concept and initial formula of Pancasila was first put forward by Soekarno as the foundation of an Independent Indonesia. This speech was first delivered by Soekarno as an acclimation without any title and only then got the designation as “The Birth of Pancasila” by the former chairman of BPUPKI, Dr. Radjiman Wedyodiningrat in the preface of the book containing the speech which was then recorded by BPUPKI.

Since 2017, 1st of June officially became a national holiday in remembrance of “The Birth of Pancasila”.



Jakarta, May 29, 2020 – The national switching company, PT. Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (JALIN) distributes social assistance to several Covid-19 affected community around Jakarta areas to reduce the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) transmission that have direct or indirect impact to the community’s economy.

“Through its community development program ‘Jalin Peduli Covid-19’, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (JALIN) is aiming to support restoring welfare and health of the community, especially around the Jakarta’s outskirt area (Jabodetabek),” said VP Corporate Secretary of PT Jalin Payment Nusantara, Christianus Panjisasongko, in Jakarta on Friday (29/6).

The program has distributed 852 food packages in five areas throughout Jakarta, distributing 500 sets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals and clinics, as well as installation of five units of Hand Washing Facilities in public spaces.

Christianus added that the Jalin Peduli CoVID-19 was funded from the Idul Fitri holiday bonus (THR) of the company’s Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, as well as employee fundraising which had been distributed from 15 May 2020 to 11 June 2020.

Besides, JALIN is also channeling social funds through its parent companies, namely PT Danareksa (Persero) and PT Telkom Indonesia.

“It is expected that with the social assistance ditributed by Jalin, would be able to support improvement of the surrounding community’s economy,” added Chrisrianus.

The social assistance distribution went well and received positive responses from the community and medical workers who received the benefits.

With the assistance of Jalin Peduli Covid-19, is expected to help people who have difficulty surviving in a pandemic, especially in the upcoming Idul Fitri holiday.

Earlier, Indonesian Covid-19 pandemic surfaced from a single case discovery in February 2020 which rapidly increased until now, which eventually create a major impact for the community’s economy proven by the number of layoffs by private companies and in other informal sectors.

Jalin Distributes Aid for Flood Victims in South Jakarta

Jalin Distributes Aid for Flood Victims in South Jakarta

Jakarta, 8 Januari 2020 – Jakarta, 8th January 2020 – PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara along with PT Danareksa (Persero) as the parent company also help distribute aid for flood victims in Jakarta, the flood impacted Jakarta and its surrounding on 31st December 2019 due to high rainfall. The aid was distributed through PT Adhi Karya to then be distributed to the victims of the flood.

“Jalin wants to express its consolation to all the victims upon the flood that happened last night on New Years eve, it is hoped that with Jalin’s participation it can help relieve the burden of the victims, especially the ones in South Jakarta,” said VP Corporate Secretary PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara Christianus Panjisasongko in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/1).

In providing aid for the impacted residents in Jakarta, Jalin with other subsidiaries from PT Danareksa distributes a sum of daily needs that is needed by the residents whilst waiting for the flood to recede. As for the relief items are hygiene kit, baby kit, medicine as well as blanket and tarpaulin for night time.

The overall aid was distributed through PT Adhi Karya’s post, as the state-owned enterprise that was chosen by the ministry as the coordinator of aid distribution for the flood victims in South Jakarta.

As known, the heavy rainfall that occurs since Tuesday (31/12/2019) afternoon up to Wednesday (1/1/2020) morning caused a widespread flooding, it is reported up to 30 people has died and more than 31.000 evacuated from 158 impacted points, this rainfall made a record as the heaviest rainfall since 1866.

Jalin Shares Happiness and Love with Shelter Children in Welcoming 2019 Christmas

Jalin Shares Happiness and Love with Shelter Children in Welcoming 2019 Christmas

Jakarta, 12 December 2019 – As a form of gratitude and affection amongst the community, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara and its parent company PT Danareksa (Persero) held social charity event in welcoming Christmas with children from Griya Kasih foundation shelter, East Jakarta, Thursday (12/12).

As part of Jalin Berbagi, this year’s activity’s themes “By Giving We Receive” was attended by PT Jalin Payment Nusantara’s CEO Otto Benny Hantoro, Finance & Business Support Director A. Pawitra Indriati and VP Corporate Secretary of PT Danareksa (Persero) Chairul Iman as the parent company representative along with a number of employees of PT Jalin Payment Nusantara and PT Danareksa (Persero).

In the event, it was enliven with various spiritual activities such as sermon, magic show, quizzes and musical performances from the children.

The activity was concluded with the delivery of parcels of daily necessities and having lunch with around 35 kids present.

Jalin berbagi Kasih is a social sharing activity for the local community and a part of Jalin’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment every year.

“In accordance to the program’s theme ‘By Giving We Receive’, Jalin expect to continue to provide happiness to others so that it can receive a positive impact from the community,” said CEO of PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara Otto Benny Hantoro said after delivering symbolic daily necessities supplies to the administrators of the Griya Kasih Foundation .