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Jalin Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine

What is Jalin Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine?

Jalin Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine is a Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) service designed to provide convenience to banks, fintech companies,
and merchants in managing and optimizing financial resources, including cash management. Jalin 360 is committed
to "Optimizing Every Aspect" to enhance overall financial efficiency.

Premises Keunggulan
  • Benefits of Jalin Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine

    • Transferring funds from other banks - fresh DPK (Third Party Funds).
    • The bank has full control over CDM machines, and transactions are closely monitored through the Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine dashboard to ensure the security of fund management and the banking system.
    • The bank maintains funding within transactions, similar to the ATM/CRM system.
  • Initial Assessment regarding Cash 360 - Cash Deposit Machine Licensing:

    • Without the need to reapply for permission, as it is not directly connected to the banking system.

Fitur Kami


Real-time crediting to merchant accounts


24/7 customer service


Machine speed: 600 sheets/minute


Multi-denomination (1,000 - 100,000)


Counterfeit money detection


Communication network (LAN & GSM)


Engaging in Collaboration

Leveraging the spirit of synergy, Jalin is prepared to support your business growth to provide the best financial services for the society. Start collaborating to innovate right away.

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