What is the QRIS MDR Fee and How Much Is It?

Aug 19, 2023


QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) has emerged as a popular payment solution in Indonesia. Through QRIS, customers and entrepreneurs can enjoy convenient and quick transactions. However, to maintain the continuity and reliability of the QRIS system, a QRIS MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) fee is charged to entrepreneurs. So, what is it exactly and how much do you have to pay?

Getting to Know the QRIS MDR Fee

QRIS MDR is a fee charged to entrepreneurs as compensation for using the QRIS service. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government issued a 0% MDR fee policy to boost the sluggish economy due to the restriction on outdoor activities. Starting from July 1, 2023, the government also applied the new progressive MDR scheme to support the development of a broader scope of the QRIS service.

This fee imposition aims to fund the QRIS maintenance and infrastructure development, as well as related operational needs. Bank Indonesia (BI) has designated the MDR QRIS system as an approach to maintain the continuity and quality improvement of the QRIS services in Indonesia. By implementing this fee, it is expected that the QRIS system can improve and benefit both entrepreneurs and customers.

QRIS MDR Rate per Transaction Type

QRIS MDR rate may vary, depending on the transaction type. Bank Indonesia has stipulated the maximum rate that can be charged to entrepreneurs based on the type of business and transaction.

Microbusinesses are now charged 0.3% only for transactions above Rp100,000, while the MDR rate for transactions less than Rp100,000 remains free. On the other hand, small, medium, and large business owners are obliged to pay 0.7% of the total amount of transactions. The following are several examples and calculation schemes of the QRIS MDR rate per category.

1. Regular transaction

Regular transactions refer to payment transactions for common products or services. The maximum rate of QRIS MDR for regular transactions is 0.7% of the total transaction. For instance, if a customer makes a payment of Rp1,000,000.00 for purchasing goods or services, the QRIS MDR that must be paid by the entrepreneur is Rp7,000.00 (0.7% x Rp1,000,000.00).

2. Educational transaction

QRIS MDR also applies to payment transactions in the educational sector, such as schools or universities. The maximum rate of QRIS MDR for educational transactions is 0.7% of the total transactions. For example, if a customer makes a payment of Rp500,000.00 for a tuition fee, the QRIS MDR that must be paid by the entrepreneur is Rp3,500.00 (0.7% x Rp500,000.00).

3. Transactions in Gas Stations

For transactions of payment in gas stations, the maximum rate of QRIS MDR is even lower than the previous ones. The rate is 0.4% of the total transactions. For instance, if a customer purchases fuel of Rp200,000.00, then the QRIS MDR that must be paid by the gas station owner is Rp800.00 (0.4% x Rp200,000.00).

4. Social Aid Transactions

The transaction of payment related to social aid programs is quite different from the examples above since there is no specific rate stipulated. The QRIS MDR for social aid transactions is free. This also applies to people-to-government transactions, such as tax and passport payments.

Who Pays QRIS MDR?

In line with the explanation above, the QRIS MDR fee is fully borne by business owners. Therefore, entrepreneurs are advised not to impose the QRIS MDR system on the customers. Whereas, customers who are burdened with a surcharge may submit a report to the payment service provider.

Within the scheme of QRIS MDR payment, Bank Indonesia does not receive any profit since all charges will be used to support the quality of the service. Eventually, business owners will receive the benefits if QRIS continues to improve its payment services.

Those are the information of the QRIS MDR fee that was stipulated on July 1, 2023,  according to the type of business and transaction. Interested in using QRIS as a payment instrument to expand your market and increase your business scale? You may register through banks and fintech companies that have joined a system network managed by Jalin. Visit Jalin's website here to access the complete list of members!

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