How to Use QRIS for Marketing and Promotion

Aug 18, 2023


In addition to making payments easier for business owners and customers, QRIS can also be a very effective marketing and promotional tool. Why? Because paying with QRIS is very easy and more practical than paying in cash. How to utilize QRIS to promote your business?

6 Ways to Use QRIS for Business Promotion

If you want to utilize this convenient payment method to promote your business, follow these six ways to maximize your business revenue!

1. Highlight the full range of the payment method

One of the best ways to use QRIS as a promotional tool is to highlight the full range of the payment methods you offer. With QRIS, your business can accept various types of payments. To make customers more aware of it, make sure you display the QRIS logo and payment methods on your various promotional media, such as brochures, banners, or social media.

Presenting a complete and practical payment method can definitely attract the attention of customers looking for comfort and convenience in transactions. Display the QR code clearly in your physical store, website, and social media so that customers can easily access it when placing an order or making a purchase.

2. Offer limited discounts for certain payment methods

Discounts are a powerful way to attract customers. You can give limited discounts to customers who make payments using QRIS. For example, you can give a 10% discount for every transaction during a certain period. That way, QRIS users can be encouraged to make transactions at your establishment and be exposed to your business which provides convenient payment methods.

3. Consider implementing a cashback program

Cashback programs are an effective way to encourage customers to use QRIS. You can offer a cashback of 5% of the total purchase or a discount to customers who make payments using QRIS.

This program will captivate customers who actively use QRIS as a payment method. However, make sure to always promote this program so that it becomes known and thereby attracts customers, both in your online stores and physical stores.

4. Offer free bonuses to customers

In addition to discounts and cashback, you can also give free bonuses to customers who make payments using QRIS. You can provide free products or services, Buy 1 Get 1 promo, or gift vouchers after customers make a certain number of transactions with QRIS. These bonuses will not only increase customer satisfaction but also encourage them to continue shopping at your place using QRIS.

5. Sell limited packages at affordable prices

QRIS can also be used to promote the sale of limited packages at affordable prices. As a business owner, at one point or another, you certainly have created attractive product or service packages for a certain period of time. Now, you can sell these packages at affordable prices only for QRIS users. For example, you can create bundling packages or subscription packages with special discounts. This will encourage customers to choose QRIS as a payment method.

6. Hold a pre-order system for exclusive products

QRIS can also be used to support exclusive product pre-order systems. With QRIS, customers can place orders before the product is officially launched. This will not only provide an opportunity to build hype before the launch but also allow you to collect data on potential customers from the start. Therefore, you can continue to communicate with and retain customers, increasing their loyalty in the process.

Aside from facilitating payments for customers and business owners, QRIS can also be used as a medium for business promotion. This payment method is proven to be effective for expanding market reach which ultimately supports business growth.

Moreover, QRIS can now be used across countries such as Thailand and Malaysia, and in the near future, it will be available in Singapore and the Philippines. So as a business owner, you can serve a wider range of customers such as foreign tourists.

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