Efforts and Benefits of Economic Digitalization at ASEAN Summit 2023

Sep 26, 2023


The ASEAN Summit 2023 held last September was an important milestone in economic cooperation for Southeast Asia. Economic digitalization was one of the main focuses discussed at this summit. This event is an effort of economic digitalization in response to the rapid technological development and global economic changes. Before finding out more about the ASEAN Summit 2023, let’s first find out what economic digitalization is!

What is Economic Digitalization?

Economic digitalization is a major development in the modern world by utilizing advanced technology as its main pillar. In simple terms, economic digitalization is a form of development as well as a major change in the way we do business and do economic things using technology.

Economic digitization is increasingly in demand because it can make business processes and the like faster and more practical. This fast process allows the economy to move forward more efficiently. An example of economic digitization in everyday life is bill payments or shopping that can be done through a single device, the smartphone.

Economic Digitalization as a Main Pillar of the ASEAN Summit 2023 

The ASEAN Summit 2023 is an annual ASEAN event held for 3 days (September 5-7, 2023) at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). This event is held regularly and attended directly by the leaders of each ASEAN country to discuss various issues and cooperation involving ASEAN member countries.

This 43rd ASEAN Summit makes economic digitalization one of the main pillars of discussion because digital transformation has become one of the main factors and determinants in supporting the latest innovations in economic growth.

In addition, this discussion addressed the importance of economic digitalization in reducing the digital gap. Besides, economic digitalization is a form of recovery effort from the massive impact arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the event, the economic development effort as a strategic pillar of Indonesia’s ASEAN chairmanship was “Rebuilding Regional Growth, Connectivity, and New Competitiveness”. This shows that the development of economic digitalization is also expected to increase regional economic growth, connectivity, and new competitiveness in the ASEAN region.

Efforts to Strengthen the Digital Economy in ASEAN

There are various things that can be done to strengthen ASEAN’s digital economy. However, one of the main points emphasized at the event was the aspect of strengthening digital security. This is because the wider the use of technology, the higher the security risk. Therefore, strengthening security should include personal data protection, cybercrime prevention, and increasing public trust in digital services.

During ASEAN Summit 2023, the Minister of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia said that Indonesia plays an active role in strengthening the digitalization program in Southeast Asia, one of which is through Digital Upskilling. This aims to make the workforce and society in Indonesia digitally literate so that they can participate productively in encouraging regional economic digitization.

Benefits of Economic Digitalization for Indonesia

Economic digitalization was one of the focuses of the event due to its significant benefits. For example, in Indonesia, economic digitalization can significantly boost national economic growth through digital platform sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, and other digital services that are widely used in Indonesia.

In addition, many may think that if technology continues to develop, job opportunities will be limited. In fact, with economic digitalization, new job opportunities will emerge, starting from developers or digital marketers. 

It can be concluded that ASEAN Summit 2023 has become an important stage in efforts to strengthen the digital economy in the ASEAN region. In the midst of technology-driven global transformation, economic digitalization has become a strategic pillar for building inclusive and sustainable growth. To find out more information about the economy in the digital era, check out Jalin’s blog!

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