Customer Satisfaction Index 2023: Dedication to Best Services and Sustainable Innovation

Jan 16, 2024

Customer Satisfaction Index 2023: Dedication to Best Services and Sustainable Innovation

Continuing its commitment to provide cutting-edge services in the domestic payment system industry, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara ("Jalin") has successfully recorded a commendable level of customer satisfaction throughout the year 2023.

This support has been garnered from loyal members who actively encourage Jalin to continue growing and enhancing services for the community. The achievement is not only viewed as a mere milestone but also as innovative steps towards improving services sustainably.

Jalin acknowledges that every feedback serves as a source of inspiration for the company, and this success is a result of the exceptional collaboration between Jalin and its members. In order to maintain service quality, Jalin is committed to conducting regular evaluations. Every customer feedback will be promptly and appropriately addressed.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey for the year 2023 was conducted over a period of 3 (three) months, from October to December 2023. The research method employed was quantitative research, utilizing face-to-face interviews, structured questionnaires, and video conference/phone surveys, with a sample method drawn from Jalin's member database.

The achievement of this customer satisfaction level is attributed to Jalin's excellence in Empathy, Responsiveness, and Assurance, as indicated by the SERVQUAL-based analysis. This excellence solidifies Jalin's position as a company that is also caring and responsive in the payment system industry.

With highly positive Customer Engagement Index (CEI) and Customer Loyalty Index (CLI), Jalin proves that high customer satisfaction plays a central role in building customer loyalty. As a company committed to delivering the best, Jalin will continue to enhance services for the entire community through secure, innovative, and reliable electronic payment infrastructure support.

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