Jalin Receives Most Reliable & Innovative Payment Infrastructure Award, Supports BI in Strengthening National Payment System

Nov 20, 2023

Jalin Receives Most Reliable & Innovative Payment Infrastructure Award, Supports BI in Strengthening National Payment System

Jakarta - Leading up to the CNBC Indonesia Awards 2023, CNBC Indonesia organized the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards 2023 for the "Best Financial Services" category, showcasing the roles, prospects, and players in the financial services sector that have performed well in driving Indonesia's economic progress amid global uncertainties. The sector is recognized for maintaining stability amidst global uncertainties and contributing to the acceleration of the national economy.

During the event, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) was awarded the Most Reliable & Innovative Payment Infrastructure Services, presented directly by CNBC Indonesia's Editor-in-Chief, Wahyu Daniel, to Jalin's CEO, Ario Tejo Bayu Aji.

"We express our gratitude to the Almighty, the commissioners, shareholders, Jalin members, and all Jaliners who have supported Jalin until now. I would also like to express my thanks to CNBC Indonesia for its research, providing an objective assessment, and for all the initiatives we have undertaken in 2023," expressed Ario during the Road to CNBC Awards 2023 'Best Financial Services' on Monday (20/11/2023).

On this occasion, Ario also shared his views on the importance of promoting Indonesia's sovereignty in the payment system. According to him, this strategy needs broad support, especially when considering the architecture and blueprint of the national payment system from Bank Indonesia (BI), which is already comprehensive.

"We are fortunate to have the current regulatory leadership. They have assisted us in undergoing transformation so that we can connect and standardize, as seen in the Quick Response Indonesian Standard (QRIS)," he explained.

Jalin has actively played a role in various innovations and services developed by BI. One of its notable achievements is serving as an institution providing the infrastructure for cross-border QR payment systems between Indonesia and Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

This cross-border QR payment interconnection is a significant accomplishment in BI's efforts to promote the integration of digital economic and financial ecosystems, enhancing economic relationships between countries. With increased payment convenience, this interconnection is expected to expand market access for cross-border businesses, especially micro and small enterprises, through the growth of new consumer numbers.

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