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ATM Link Network


What is ATM Link Network?

ATM machine investment costs will increase in the coming year, and at the same time, transaction volume per ATM will decrease as the number of ATMs increases. The best option for banks now is to share services and infrastructure at a small cost.

By connecting to the Link Network, Banks will be able to provide a broad range of services for their customers such as Balance Inquiry, Cash Withdrawals, Money Transfers, and Bill Payments.

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  • Easy

    ATM LINK makes it easy for bank customers to carry out banking transactions at all ATM machines bearing the LINK logo.

  • Efficient

    With the support of HIMBARA banks and its extensive network, the Link network provides more cost-effective services.

  • Broad Reach

    Connected with 38 thousand ATMs with a total transaction of 708 million per year.

  • Quick Reporting

    Reports can be made using the Intraday process (H-0)

ATM Link Network Members


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