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Jalin eChannel Platform

What is Jalin eChannel Platform?

Jalin eChannel Platform is a technological solution for ATM usage that allows banks to serve customers while maintaining their distinct user experience despite being on another bank’s ATM platform.

Qris Keunggulan

Member’s Benefits

  • Reducing banks’ operating expenses in managing ATM
  • Expanding banks’ ATM network
  • The ATM screen display is in line with the branding of the member banks
  • Customers can take pleasure in the same UI/UX as if being in their own banks’ ATM during a transaction in one of the Jalin member banks’ ATM
  • Having a roadmap for off-us cash deposits on CRM machines
  • Supporting the Central Bank of Indonesia to improve financial inclusion

Our Features


Branding/screen display is aligned with that of the Member Banks


Adding the number of ATMs managed by the member


Suppressing the operating expenses of ATM management


Using Member Bank’s UI/UX

Jalin eChannel Platform Members


Engaging in Collaboration

Leveraging the spirit of synergy, Jalin is prepared to support your business growth to provide the best financial services for the society. Start collaborating to innovate right away.

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