ATM Link’s New Look, Promoting Wider and More Inclusive Access to Financial Services

Sep 26, 2023

ATM Link’s New Look, Promoting Wider and More Inclusive Access to Financial Services

Jakarta – Ministry of SOEs, along with the Association of State-Owned Banks (Himpunan Bank Milik Negara/”HIMBARA”) consisting of BRI, BNI, Bank Mandiri, and BTN, as well as PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (“Jalin”) as part of the Danareksa Holding, held a Soft Launching of the Integration and the New Look of ATM Link. This serves as a strategic step to promote Indonesia as a digital nation geared to face various digital innovation trends.

Taking place in Pos Bloc, Jakarta, the Soft Launching was attended by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Erick Thohir, the Secretary of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, Rabin Indrajad Hattari, the Deputy Assistant for Financial Services, Muhammad Khoerur Roziqin, the Head of Himbara’s ATM Consolidation Team, Adi Sulistyowati, as well as the Director of SOEs and subsidiaries.

During his speech, the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir mentioned that in the current era of digitalization, Himbara is expected to further embrace digitalization, with efficiency also serving as one of the key factors.

“I received reports that 53 thousand out of 90 thousand ATMs are ATM Link. This shows that Link network is becoming dominant. What’s left for now is to look for ways to keep developing the Link system, other than by integrating existing products in SOEs, and if applicable, by integrating it with products from other parties. This accessibility can further accelerate our economic growth through our own products,” explained Erick during the Soft Launching of the Integration and the New Look of ATM Link.

Erick emphasized that in addition to the efforts to achieve efficiency carried out by SOEs due to digitalization, companies must also promote community services as part of economic growth. We can look at BNI Xpora as an example, a digital solution developed by BNI for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) actors who aim to improve their business capacity.

“For instance, BNI has a program called BNI Xpora, where Link can be accessed to encourage the explanation of Xpora or used to make transactions, promoting acceleration in the process. Besides, Link is also expected to be useful to migrant workers abroad, to be accessed by MSMEs, KUR (People’s Business Credit), and to enable millennials to buy houses. Thus, Link can be one of the tools to help fulfill these needs,” continued Erick.

Erick showed his appreciation regarding today’s integration as a breakthrough toward the acceleration of the digitalization program. The Link integration program has been running for 2 years since its launch in 2021.

“The past 2 years represent such a remarkable acceleration. I hope that it becomes an access that facilitates and promotes prevailing programs to improve community services,” he concluded.

Targeting a payment infrastructure that supports technological developments is a strategic step to position Indonesia as a digital nation that is ready to face various digital innovation trends. Even so, the people’s need for cash is still quite high every year. This emphasizes the need for a network of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and CRMs (Withdrawal Deposit Machines) to support the steady flow of financial transactions.

In response to these challenges, the Ministry of SOEs encouraged HIMBARA to innovate by gradually integrating all ATM and CRM machines under Jalin’s management. It is done to unite four bank services into one integrated service (Link). Thus, the equal distribution of ATM Links at the provincial level to the district/city level can be realized.

During the event, the Ministry of SOEs, HIMBARA, and Jalin also introduced the new look of ATM Link to the public to strengthen its brand image. The new look also reflects Jalin’s commitment to improving the transaction experience and providing better services to the community.

Vice President Director of BNI Adi Sulistyowati, who concurrently serves as Head of Himbara’s ATM Consolidation Team, said that this step constitutes an effort to improve the shared service synergy of state-owned banks by integrating all their capabilities and resources.

This commitment is formulated and implemented to ensure that all Himbara customers get better value added. Currently, the ATM Link network operates more than 50 thousand of HIMBARA’s ATM units, making it the largest network spread throughout Indonesia.

In the future, with the integration and new look of ATM Link, customers can have the same experience when making transactions on any Link network without any differences in service features and rates.

As a leading payment infrastructure provider, Jalin is responsible for gradually integrating all ATM Links. President Director of Jalin, Ario Tejo Bayu Aji, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of SOEs and Himbara for entrusting Jalin with this mandate.

“We are very proud to be able to support the gradual integration and brand refreshment of ATM Link. Inclusive and efficient financial services are the commitment of Himbara and Jalin in supporting the Ministry of SOEs as agents of value creation and development that support national economic growth,” Ario concluded.

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