Nowadays, having transaction on ATM Link has become part of the Himbara ATM cardholder’s (Himpunan Bank Negara) daily life. The reason is inseparable from the ease of doing various financial transactions. For example, checking balances, transferring money, and paying bills. This is thanks to Jalin’s role as an ATM Premises service provider. The service keeps infrastructure around ATM Link comfortable and safe for its users.


Role of ATM Premises Services Improving Convenience of Transaction at ATM Link

ATM Premises is a maintenance activity for ATM Link’s premises and infrastructure with 100% target visit per month. It is part of ATM Managed Services which provides support in managing and maintaining ATMs belonging to banks that are members of Jalin. With this service, Himbara bank customers can experience many benefits. Some of them are:


1. Maintained cleanliness

One of the ATM Premises’ objectives is to guarantee and ensure ATM Link room’s cleanliness. There will be a daily visit every month from the maintenance staff. They will make sure no trash is left around the ATM, clean the glass if the ATM is in the room, and wipe the ATM. That way, customers can feel comfortable making transactions at the ATM Link machine.

In addition, Jalin also has the Premises 4.0 Smartcam innovation. It utilizes an intelligent camera technology function to help monitor the cleanliness of the ATM room routinely. It can monitor the condition of the ATM room in real-time or on a 24×7 scheduled basis and carry out monitoring in low-light conditions. If the camera indicates a problem, such as fraud and garbage, it will forward the information to the monitoring dashboard to notify the relevant officer.


2. Smooth and Secure Transaction

Besides regular visits, ATM Premises services also have non-regular visits to repair or replace ATM room infrastructure. This visit is made based on customer reports or monitoring results through devices owned by Service Providers that have received approval from Service Users through Rate Cards based on the established SLA. That way, the obstacles that arise can be minimized and overcome quickly.

In addition to monitoring cleanliness, the Premises 4.0 Smartcam is also used to improve security around ATMs. The smart camera can also recognize objects such as humans and the items they carry. If the human shows suspicious behavior or detects shady objects around the ATM Link, the camera will notify the Monitoring Dashboard with the priority level.


Technology Support to Maintain the Best Service Quality

To provide an optimal ATM Premises services, Jalin also uses an Android-based mobile application technology called JSeeca (Jalin’s Site End Point & Controller Application). The application is used to support visits and ATM cleaning work.

Banks that are members of Jalin can also use this application via the Web and App. They can use JSeeca to monitor ATM maintenance work and as a database for ATM location analysis.

Meanwhile, field officers can input ATM & Surrounding Data, Checklist of Vendor visits, and Record problems occurring in ATM & Infrastructure through the JSeeca mobile application. While access via the web has features to display ATM database, audit trail and monitoring, and Reporting System.

The presence of the JSeeca apps complements the Premises ATM service. That way, Jalin can optimize the maintenance services for ATM Link premises and infrastructure. Thus, customers of Jalin’s bank members can transact at ATM Link more comfortably, safely, and without significant problems.