Building a network becomes necessary because it opens various opportunities to develop a career in today’s work environment. In addition, it is also beneficial for developing business, expanding knowledge, increasing self-capacity to innovate, and opening promotional opportunities. However, this activity can also be a difficult challenge for some people.

Networking is an act or process of interaction to exchange information and ideas among people with a similar profession or particular interest. This activity usually happens in informal social events designed to attract people with similar interests and thoughts, such as seminars, conferences, or expos.


Tips for Building Networking

However, sometimes building networks is tricky. For some people, this activity can be challenging. Therefore, Jalin summarizes five tips that can help you start networking.


Focus on Learning New Things

Building a network can start by changing the mindset into a positive one, like growth, advancement, and reaching new achievements. Therefore, this activity will be much more rewarding since you know it can help improve the knowledge and skills needed on the job.


Identifying Common Interests

Do some research before you do networking. The purpose is to find out the interests of the people you might encounter at an event. That way, you can align your goals with them for a more meaningful and productive working relationship.


Think Bigger About What You Can Give

Senior and junior employees have different values to offer when it comes to networking. Senior employees can provide advice, guidance, and access to resources. Junior employees can bring new insights into trends and technology in the younger generation and organize positive activities outside of work. When you open your mind broadly about what you can give than what you can get, you will be more enthusiastic when taking your time to network.


Finding a Higher Purpose

Every work activity can be more interesting if you can relate it to a higher purpose. Typically, people who focus on the collective benefits of building connections tend to show more effective results, even increasing people’s interest in connecting. An example is building a network to improve the company’s service quality to increase customer satisfaction.


Online Networking

Building a network online is becoming a popular alternative in the current pandemic situation. You can take advantage of platforms specifically designed to connect professionals like LinkedIn. There, you can connect with people in your industry, show your achievements, join groups, and publish engaging articles to enhance your branding and open up career opportunities.


Changing Your Mindset Makes You Comfortable Building Networking

Not everyone can build networking comfortably, even though they know networking is one of the main factors to support their professional career. The good news is they can overcome these challenges by changing their mindset.

Think about the benefits that can be provided and achieved in the long term. Next, define your networking goals. Turn this goal into small steps that can slowly build your network. Then, focus on positive intentions to increase your enthusiasm and comfort when doing networking.

Take notes that building a network cannot be achieved at once. Prepare mentally to face obstacles in interacting with people from different backgrounds. Practice how to communicate and present yourself to others. That way, you can establish your goal to build a more meaningful professional relationship.