PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held an online QRIS forum with 11 Link QR network members that in total was followed by 65 participants, Tuesday (22/9). Jalin QRIS Forum event started with 51 ID inquiry socialization by ASPI that was delivered by Mr. Tata Martadinata as the Head of Product & Technology of ASPI. In the same occasion, Jalin also delivered various topics, including QRIS Transaction performance via Jalin as well as a QRIS operational discussion.

Jalin with its capacity as the Switching Institution is ready to support the QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) implementation. Through QRIS the QR Code organizers are interconnected and mutually interoperable. It does not stop at the QRIS domestic feature, in the future QRIS can also be used as a Cross Border feature where foreign tourists are able to do a QRIS scan through the application from their own respective countries, while at the same time the payment application from Indonesia can also be used to scan each country’s QR. Currently, Jalin cooperates with several Payment System Service Providers both Banks or Non-Banks who are the Jalin QR Switching members, both for QRIS Domestic service as well as the initiated QRIS Cross Border transaction service.

“Thank you to ASPI and all the Link Service QR member PIC that have spared their time to attend Jalin QRIS forum event. We hoped that in the future Jalin and all members can support the operation of Link QRIS Service. Jalin is open to any feedback, especially when it is necessarily needed for another QRIS forum,” As a closing statement from Jalin VP Switching Commercial, Melani Anugrahani.