ATM Link is the Himbara ATM network (National Bank Association) that facilitates Himbara ATM cardholders to perform various financial transactions. The ATM network already has more than 38,000 units throughout Indonesia and is managed by Jalin Payment Nusantara. The management is also carried out professionally by Jalin through the ATM Managed Service.


What is Jalin’s ATM Managed Service?

ATM Managed Service is Jalin’s innovation in ATM management and maintenance. The scope of services offered is comprehensive, starting from ATM rental, ATM premises maintenance, Cash Monitoring, Branding, till SLM ATM (Second Level Maintenance ATM). It is done to provide efficiency and improve services for the Bank so that the Bank can focus on providing the best service to its customers.


Get to know Jalin’s Second Level Maintenance (SLM) Service ATM

Jalin’s SLM ATM service is one of the advantages of ATM Managed Service, which provides preventive and corrective ATM maintenance activities. The goal is to minimize ATM failure and extend the life of the ATM. In its implementation, Jalin also cooperates with reliable vendors in their fields as a commitment to providing the best service to customers.

The scope of maintenance in Jalin’s SLM ATM service includes two main things, namely Preventive Maintenance (PM) and Corrective Maintenance (CM). Through PM service, ATM Link under Jalin management will receive regular maintenance as many as 2 (two) or 4 (four) times a year. This activity is going to carry without waiting for ATM failure to occur. If necessary, replacing the original spare parts to prevent problems from arising can also be done.

Meanwhile, the CM service is maintenance for unexpected damage / does not have a fixed time. Usually, it is conducted if there is a failure to the ATM. The service’s scope is not limited to ATM maintenance or failure but can also include training and consulting services.


Thanks to the SLM ATM Service, Convenience and Seamless Transactions at ATM Link’s Maintained

ATM is one of the essential financial service channels and can be used independently by bank customers. The ATMs’ existence in the community can also often replace the role of a bank branch to handle various types of financial transactions, including cash withdrawal transactions.

However, finding ATMs with inadequate conditions because they’re not receiving proper maintenance is not rare for us too. For example, the area around ATMs is dirty, ATM failure repeatedly occurs, and the lack of security supporting devices such as monitoring cameras. All of this can make customers uncomfortable using ATMs and even lead to crime.

Jalin answered these challenges through the SLM ATM service, which is one of the advantages of ATM Managed Service. Through regular maintenance and collaboration with reliable vendors, Jalin can prevent unwanted problems emerge on the ATM Link network.

Jalin’s SLM ATM service is also not limited to the ATM Link network but also applies to the ATM networks from Jalin members who collaborated. That way, customers can still feel comfortable and transact smoothly without worrying that they will encounter significant obstacles when transacting at ATM Link.