Improving the quality of employees is an important focus of Jalin to ensure customer satisfaction in every service that is provided. In the effort to achieve said goal, in August 2018 the sharing session event called “Jalin Ngopi: Ngobrol Pintar Bikin Hepi” (Coffee with Jalin: Happy Smart Talks) was officially held with its first topic discussing about the National Payment Gateway (NPG). Now, Jalin Ngopi is in its 3rd year and it has become a monthly self-development activity that can’t be separated from Jalin’s identity.

The sharing session concept was inspired by the coffee shop culture, where people would work in a serene and calm environment while sipping on their coffee. Implementing it to Jalin’s program, Jalin Ngopi is usually held in a relaxed and warm environment to boost engaging discussion among its participants. Generally, the discussion topic revolves around Digital Payment Industry – technology, security, trends and current issues – up to the cross functional skill development, therefore Jalin can create professional talents that are the experts in various fields.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has become the main challenge that’s being faced by Indonesia. The prolonged uncertainty, termination of business and the weakening of the economy sector that has caused the downfall of commodity pricing are some of the pandemic impacts to Indonesia’s economy. In response to these challenges, Jalin Ngopi Webinar was held as an open opportunity for Jalin and stakeholders to share their knowledge, to collaborate and to synergize in order to face the business and economic challenges in the future, especially within the payment system industry.

The first Jalin Ngopi Webinar with the theme of “Banks and the New Normal: Surfing the wave of crisis to win the future” collaborated with Himpunan Bank Milik Negara (Himbara) discussing the changes of mindset, strategy, opportunity, the role of corporate culture, digitalization and innovations that pushes the capacity limit of the Industry players in providing the best service to all customers and create synergy within the disruption period to build the future banking business. The activity was held virtually and opened to the public as Jalin’s form of commitment and care in empowering the community.

Hereinafter, Jalin Ngopi Webinar Vol.2 that was held on Saturday, 3 October 2020 raising the theme of “Understanding Cash Recycle Machine (CRM) Business to Improve Bank’s Cost of Fund” focuses on discussing the Managed Service, especially regarding the CRM technology as one of the banking solution to cater the cash needs of customer efficiently. The topic raised discussion such as trends, security aspect, comfortability and the CRM usage benefits for bank and customer.

Moving forward, Jalin Ngopi will continuously act as the medium for stakeholders to meet and learn, to collaborate as well as to synergize in order to create a digital payment ecosystem that is healthy and sustainable. Through qualified resources in supporting the sustainability of business and industry, it is hoped that Jalin can provide its best service to all customers as well as to contribute its part in realising the payment system efficiency in Indonesia.