Jakarta, 27 November 2019 – Jalin handed over educational assistance for 115 children in the fishing village through their CSR Program, “Unite to Share”, Cilincing. This program is a part of their series of celebrations for Jalin’s 3rd Anniversary that falls on the 3rd of November 2019.
The delivery of assistance was carried out by Christianus Panjisasongko as VP Corporate Secretary PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara through Yayasan Sosial Lumba-Lumba, in which the assistance consisted of textbooks, stationaries, library provision and basic necessities. Jalin also held a “Savings Class” session to educate children in fishing villages about the importance of saving habits and introduce the less cash lifestyle.
Last May 2019, Jalin also provided similar assistance for 115 orphans through Al-Andalusia Foundation.
Jalin’s CSR program this year is in line with the company’s business sector that focuses on the development of the nation’s digital payment system as well as to support the “Gerakan Nasional Non Tunai (GNNT)”, a program carried by Bank of Indonesia.
Quoted from the official website of Bank of Indonesia, compared to other ASEAN countries, the use of electronic based payment transactions done by Indonesian people is relatively low (Bank Indonesia Mencanangkan Gerakan Nasional Non Tunai, 2014). However, with the geographic condition and high population rate, there is a really big potential for access expansion of payment system in Indonesia.
The result of the 2018 Consumer Payment Attitudes study related to the cashless lifestyle mentions that 77% of Indonesia citizens predict that it will increasingly use non-cash payment in the next 12 months (Malia, 2019). To achieve this, strategic initiative steps – both from business and social responsibility aspect – are vital to boost the penetration of the cashless payment system equally in Indonesia.
Since 2018, Jalin has implemented strategic initiatives that focus on the digital payment business growth, namely developing the debit link business within GPN scheme, expanding the number of Jalin switching bank members and making technological investment related to Managed Service business. Currently, Jalin is also actively participating in the development of Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) project that was coordinated by BI and ASPI.
On its 3rd Anniversary, it is hoped that Jalin can unite and grow stronger in synergy with Danareksa Group, Telkom Group and Himbara to create a digital based national economy, as well as to contribute through social activities in increasing public awareness of cashless instruments usage.