Many people, especially for businessmen and professionals, are confused on how to react to VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). The pandemic situation as a form of VUCA has shaped a different way of doing business, because of changes that continue to occur. Thus, we must quickly adapt in the face of the turbulent challenges of time.

One of the things that can be done to prepare ourselves for VUCA is to use the Kaizen method. This business philosophy originating from Japan focuses on continuous improvement or making small and continual changes. The goal is to create a more effective and efficient work process to improve the company’s operating performance.

However, sometimes we focus too much in doing big things to make improvements. Whereas producing much more significant growth can be done by making small-scale improvements consistently. So, what are the benefits of continuous improvement for the company?


Benefits of Continuous Improvement for Companies

Implementing continuous improvement within a company has many benefits, such as:

  1. Productivity and Quality Improvement

If done correctly, employees will always think to adjust every process in their work and find an effective way to work. It can have a positive impact on resource efficiency, increase employee productivity, and better work quality.

  1. Cost and Time Efficiency

Saving time and money is also a benefit felt by employees when carrying out continuous improvement. It is achieved by shortening unnecessary processes and utilizing the technology resources provided by the company.

  1. Better Communication

The implementation of improvements often involves various roles of stakeholders, including the top management role to lead large-scale changes. In the process, different interactions such as discussions and socialization that can build synergies and a positive corporate climate also happen.

  1. Employee Morale Improvement

When an employee’s idea of improvement is being implemented by the company, he will feel the value of his presence. It can increase employee morale and motivation to contribute more to the company.

  1. Immediate Troubleshooting

Basically, continuous improvement focuses on finding solutions to the problems at hand. Often, temporary improvement solutions turn out to have a significant long-term impact in realizing permanent improvements in work processes.

  1. Optimal Utilization of Resources

For companies, small continuous improvements implementation is beneficial in optimizing resources, so that company goals can be achieved more quickly. For employees, a more efficient work process means they can have more time to focus on other work priorities or develop other skills that can help accelerate their career.


JalinSIP, Jalin’s Version of Small Continuous Improvements

In line with the Kaizen principle – not a day goes by without improvement – Jalin launched the JalinSIP (Small Improvement Project) program, which aims to facilitate Jaliners or Jalin employees to get used to implementing continuous improvement in their work areas. This program is also a realization of Jalin’s corporate culture JalinID (Jalin Identity), particularly the TANGGUH value which put forward positive attitudes and responses to change, readiness in facing uncertainty, and focuses on solutions.

Since 2021, JalinSIP has produced various internal improvement programs that are beneficial for the company’s operations to this day. Among these are improving the quality of services for bank and non-bank members of Jalin through the use of the Automatic ITM module and transaction data housekeeping tools in the development engine, document approval process efficiency through the use of Office 365 tools, digitizing employee’s health facility restitution form, and many more.

JalinSIP implementation is now starting to provide benefits. For employees, the JalinSIP program can be an opportunity to increase their competency and hone a more agile way of thinking, so that they can identify problems and opportunities for improvement. Meanwhile for the company, the tenacity of its internal resources is vital in supporting Jalin’s business continuity.

This year, JalinSIP will be held with a growing program idea. JalinSIP 2022 is expected to foster an improvement mindset and positive habits of employees and shape professional talents who are adaptive, competent, and ready to face changes. Thus, it can support in realizing Jalin’s vision of becoming The National Digital Highway, which continuously exists to give meaning to every digital financial transaction in the archipelago.


Content Contributor:
Rr Riananda Putri Kinanti
Off. Organizational Development