Tuesday, 23 November 2021, PT Jalin Payment Nusantara (Jalin) celebrated ​the five years of the founding of Jalin, which was attended by all Jalin’s family and members online. This celebration is also momentum for Jalin with Himbara, Affiliate of Himbara, BPD, Commercial Banks, Sharia Banks, and Fintech to strengthen their commitment to synergize in building an effective and efficient Indonesian payment ecosystem. 

This year’s celebration was wrapped in the Jalin5ary Gather Together With Member event and took the Virtual Trip theme with three locations representing Jalin members. The three locations are KM 0 in Sabang to represent Bank Aceh Syariah, Lake Toba to represent Bank Sumut, and International Circuit Mandalika to represent Bank NTB Syariah.

Boyke Yurista, President Director of Jalin, said, “It’s been five years since Jalin has provided services for members and the community. It’s a meaningful journey for us. Jalin exists and grows to synergize with Himbara, Affiliate of Himbara, BPD, Commercial Banks, Sharia Banks, and recently many friends from Fintech, to make transactions easier for the public. Therefore, we thank you very much for the trust of our Member friends in collaborating with Jalin as a switching business provider and ATM managed service.”

The Jalin5ary Gather Together with Member celebration event also became more exciting with Mrs. Filianingsih Hendarta, Assistant Governor of Bank Indonesia, who became guest speaker in a business talk with the topic “Digital Collaborative Ecosystem & Indonesian Payment Outlook 2022”. 

A series of entertainment also enlivened the celebration of Jalin’s fifth birthday, such as the well-packaged Regional Dance from Team Roro, the regional clothes dress code, and door prizes with attractive prizes.

We want to express our gratitude for the support of all stakeholders who have participated in this virtual event and hope that the well-established cooperation will always be maintained and will continue to grow in responding to the challenges ahead. See you at the next birthday celebration!