As a link/ ATM LINK switching network service management company, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) managed to record good performance in 2021 by posting an increase of 45% (yoy) in the company’s operating revenue through the growth of switching services, ATM managed service and digital business development.

This provides optimism that digitalization turns out to be a driver in the midst of handling Covid-19 and recovering national economic conditions.  President Director of Jalin, Boyke Yurista, emphasized that Jalin will continue to strive to improve the innovation of each product and service to accelerate the growth that has been stated in The National Digital Highway roadmap.

Through the statistical report of the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI) released in the 1st quarter of 2022, it was noted that the total number of payments outstanding increased by 26.3%, or 813.14 million. Jalin as a Payment System Infrastructure (PIP) institution is competitive by taking a proportion of more than 30% of the domestic market share compared to other competitors. This has a positive impact with an increase in the company’s net profit by 50 percent. Meanwhile, through an increase in EBITDA by 15% total asset management, it increased by 25% (yoy) in 2021

“By consistently implementing a targeted recovery strategy through recording positive growth of more than 20% at CAGR,” Boyke added.

Strengthening fundamentals is the focus of Jalin during 2021, and this is manifested in the audited financial performance report, namely Reasonable Without Exception (WTP), which states that Jalin’s financial statements in 2021 are presented fairly in all material terms.

To support the 2025 Indonesian Payment System (BSPI) blueprint roadmap, Jalin accelerates payment system digitalization through infrastructure strengthening, product and service innovation, and improving security features in financial transactions for the convenience of safe and practical transactions.

“As a digital enabler that connects the community with the ecosystem and non-financial services, Jalin embraces all members, in an ecosystem that provides a more efficient process and equal opportunities in business development for all members,” Boyke concluded.