In order to welcome Christmas 2021 in December, PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held a sharing activity to establish brotherly ties with the children of Panti Mekar Lestari in Tangerang. This year’s activity has the theme of Christ’s Love That Moves Brotherhood.

It is a sharing and caring activity for the community, which has become a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) every year. It is also a manifestation of the responsibility of the company and Jalin employees to engage with the surrounding environment and share the joy of welcoming Christmas.

This year’s activity, Jalin distributed necessities, medical needs, along with donations and Christmas gifts to 45 children in the orphanage and 26 administrators at the Mekar Lestari Panti. In total, there are 45 children and 26 administrators in this orphanage. Jalin hopes to continue giving happiness to others so that they can receive a positive impact from society.