Jakarta, Wednesday, July 17, 2019 – PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) welcomes Danareksa as the majority shareholders collaboration in a Town Hall Meeting & Office Integration by “Strengthening Jalin’s Business through the Support of Danareksa and Telkom” to mark Jalin’s first step as part of Danareksa Group.

The event marks a milestone for Jalin as the newest member in Danareksa Group after the acquisition signing on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at the Ministry of BUMN (State-Owned Enterprises) Building, Jakarta. 

The town hall meeting was initiated with directive remarks from Jalin, Danareksa and Telkom regarding the long-term business sustainability plan while also shared the company’s vision and mission so that the three companies can work together to further strengthen the national payment system.

Jalin’s CEO Otto Benny Hantoro encourages all employees to improve the company’s performance as the most efficient switching company in order to increase Himbara’s competitiveness and payment industry efficiency, in line with the directive from the State-Owned Enterprise Ministry.

“With Danareksa and Telkom supports, Jalin must contribute more to Indonesia’s payment

infrastructure. Employees must adopt positive spirits to be able to give their best performance for the country,” Otto remarked.

Jalin employees are expected to continue the existing working culture that are open, flexible, innovative and creative which are in line with today’s millennial generation’s lifestyle.


The town hall meeting was held at Jalin’s lounge Headquarter in Mega Kuningan business district and attended by all employees, including employees at the operational office in Serpong, Tangerang using the latest video conference technology.

On the occasion, President Director of Danareksa Arief Budiman expects that with Jalin as a new Danareksa’s subsidiary, the company would be able to increase the collaboration spirit to be the true champion as a switching and managed service company in the industry.

“The collaboration spirit between Jalin, Danareksa and Telkom is expected to be able to support the business acceleration, along with the group and holding synergies,” said Danareksa’s CEO Arief Budiman.

Telkom’s Director of the Strategic Portfolio Achmad Sugiarto also conveyed his message for Jalin’s future projections and business strategies, shortly before the event ends.

“With the support of Telkom and Danareksa, it is expected that Jalin will be able to prepare a more attractive Business Plan in the future, so that it can grow even stronger amid the recent dynamic business developments,” Achmad said.