PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) updated the Hardware Security Module (HSM) marked by the ‘Key Ceremony of Custodian Local Master Key (LMK)’ activity, Thursday (22/07). Held at the Jalin Data Center in Tangerang, the HSM update aims to improve the security of digital transactions for Jalin’s customers using qualified modules according to security standards set by the regulator.

Basically, HSM is a data security module that serves to protect customers from leakage of sensitive/critical data that has the potential to be misused by irresponsible parties. Customer sensitive data will be encrypted/encoded so that it cannot be read/opened by any party from a payment system.

In supporting its digital innovation for financial services, Jalin constantly uses HSM devices that also comply with world security standards, namely Level 3 of FIPS 140-2, PCI HSM v3, and PCI HSM v3 KLDm AusPayNet. The HSM used supports high-level algorithms, hence helping to ensure the security of member bank’s card issuance. The use of key blocks in accordance with the PCI-DSS PIN Security Requirements and VISA Security Requirements has also been implemented.

Collaborating with PT Dymar Jaya Indonesia as the third party of HSM modules provider, the Key Ceremony was attended by three key custodians appointed by Jalin to ensure the confidentiality and credibility of the key installation process. In addition, the entire activities complied with procedures and high security standards to ensure data protection for Jalin service users. Covid-19 health protocols were also strictly implemented.

In the future, HSM functions and features will always be updated according to the times. It is in line with Jalin’s commitment to support Indonesia’s payment system infrastructure that is reliable, modern and innovative. Hence creating the service system that is secure and convenient to support people’s digital payment transaction activities.