PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held a 2020 virtual Link NARU Forum (Christmas and New Year) with representatives from 19 Link services bank members, joined by more than 100 participants, Thursday (17/12).  Link Forum event is a yearly agenda held by Jalin as one of the efforts to enhance their service to all members.

The 2020 Link NARU forum started with greetings from the Vice Director of Jalin, Pramasaleh H. Utomo that addressed the 2020 NARU Key of Success consists of several points which includes; commitment, synergy, technology, people and escalation model. Topics such as Switching services profile (ATM, Debit, QRIS) and Jalin managed service, as well as NARU challenges in 2020 was also discussed.

The forum consisted of several sessions led by experts from respected fields. The first discussion about Switching New Business Update was presented by Jalin VP Switching Solution & Services Moch. Ircham Isfandi, continued by a discussion on the readiness of NARU ATMs managed by Jalin, which was delivered by Jalin VP Managed Service Commercial Pramudya el Namara. The topic regarding the preparation of the 2020 NARU Post by Jalin VP IT Operations Dwi Mahendra completed the discussion on that day.

It was ended with a 2020 NARU preparation commitment sign off ceremony with all Bank member representatives which aims to create synergy and collaboration. With said synergy and collaboration, the achievement of success and NARU 2020 quality improvement will be delivered well, so as to provide the best service to all customers.