Jakarta, October 1, 2021 – PT Jalin Payment Nusantara (“Jalin”) signed an online Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Timur Tbk (“bankjatim”). The agreement is part of Jalin’s efforts to broaden the reach of banking switching services for the Regional Development Bank (“BPD”) segment. Bankjatim is the first BPD bank book 3 to join Jalin, with total assets of IDR 95.48 trillion.

CEO of Jalin Boyke Yurista stated that this collaboration is a good synergy between companies, particularly during the current pandemic recovery period. “Jalin will provide integrated solutions for all members by providing the best service and continuing to innovate products in order to meet future challenges,” Boyke said.

Through this partnership scheme, Jalin and bankjatim will also open up opportunities to collaborate in accelerating digital financial transformation, an initiative launched by bankjatim that not many BPDs have done. Tonny Prasetyo, Director of Information Technology and Operations bank jatim, stated that the bank is currently conducting intensive innovations based on digital services for its members. “We must continue to adapt in the face of the current pandemic, one way being through the most recent digital branding, namely JConnect. The good cooperation between bankjatim and Jalin will continue to be improved and sustainable in the future “Tonny stated.

Support to bankjatim is provided by following the company’s strategic plan to transform Jalin into a digital enabler that connects the community with financial and non-financial ecosystems, thus making it a National Digital Highway. The aim is to strengthen the efficiency of business processes and services for Jalin members. “In the future, by participating in the implementation of the Bank Indonesia Payment System Blueprint 2025 and being directly involved in Open API and Open Banking services, we will provide convenience and ease of financial transaction systems to the public through products and services,” Boyke added.

In 2021, Jalin expects Switching ATM Link, Switching Debit Link, Switching QRIS, and Managed Services to make a contribution double-digit revenue growth. Jalin has also developed a solid digital platform that will enable prudent, safe, and competitive growth through strong governance management. According to the management report for the second quarter of 2021, Jalin’s switching service processed more than 400 million transactions, and the managed service business segment grew by operating more than 13,000 SLM and Premises ATMs, an increase of up to 100% over the same period the previous year.

Jalin has become a company that is committed to providing services to all members through business activities that are based on excellent and effective corporate governance. Jalin also consistently strives to run the business by implementing risk management for all transactions carried out in order to provide members with a sense of security. “As a company that relies heavily on technology devices, information systems, and networks, we always maintain the trust and security of Jalin member transactions in accordance with the guidelines and standardization required by ISO 27001:2013,” Boyke concluded.