On November 1st, 2021, the number of merchants using QRIS exceeded 12 million users. This number exceeds the achievement target of the QRIS expansion launched by Bank Indonesia (BI) with other financial industry players. To strengthen this achievement, BI continues its commitment to expand digital payment acceptance in the community through one of the programs called SIAP QRIS.

The SIAP (Sehat, Inovatif, dan Aman pakai) QRIS program is an initiative of BI in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry of Trade aimed at merchants in markets and shopping centers in the country. This program launches on November 5th, 2021, in Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. The official launch also marks the start of market trials and the SIAP QRIS shopping center in 51 people’s markets and 45 shopping centers in 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. 

This step is a manifestation of the digitalization implementation of the payment system to expand payment acceptance in markets and shopping centers in the country. The hope is that the SIAP QRIS program can be provide momentum to prepare markets and shopping centers to enter the new normal era.

In Jalin capacity as a switching institution, Jalin is ready to support the implementation of SIAP QRIS program through a leading payment system infrastructure that can ensure payment processing can run safely and smoothly. Jalin has obtained approval permits as a Switching Institution for transaction processing using QRIS in 2019.

The QRIS service was chosen because it provides convenient contactless digital transactions for the community. Buyers only need to scan the merchant’s QRIS code to complete their transaction without making direct contact, like when transacting using cash. Thus, the SIAP QRIS program can indirectly help prevent the transmission of Covid-19. 

In addition to the health factor, QRIS also provides many other benefits for merchants. Some of them are: 

  • Build a credit profile for ease of getting a loan. 
  • Transactions are recorded & directly entered into the account, so it is easy to monitor. 
  • No need for change, no risk of theft and counterfeit money. 
  • Follow the latest payment trends. 
  • Affordable and free of charge for micro-businesses (0% until Dec 2021). 

In the future, the SIAP QRIS program will continue to expand to increase the use of QRIS as a payment solution. With the acceptance of digital payments that continues to grow, transaction activities in shopping centers will ultimately increase the productivity of the real sector, such as farmers, producers, and merchants. Thus, it will be the beginning of the recovery of people’s purchasing power to accelerate the recovery of the national economy.