Transact During Eid Homecoming Remain Convenient with ATM Link

Transact During Eid Homecoming Remain Convenient with ATM Link

Eid homecoming has become an annual tradition in Indonesia, always followed by an increase in public spending, either to finance the trip itself or to buy gifts for relatives. With the 2022 homecoming directive issued by the government, homecoming activities can resume after being stopped due to the pandemic. In its capacity as a national switching institution, Jalin is ready to provide the convenience of the people who will do homecoming by providing ease of transaction through ATM Link.

In addition, the public is also allowed to do Eid homecoming only if they have received two vaccines and one booster, along with continuing to apply strict health protocols. However, breaking the fast together and holding open house events are prohibited for government officials and employees.

As a follow-up on President Jokowi’s announcement, the Ministry of Transportation immediately issued a Press Statement supporting the 2022 Eid homecoming policy. Some of the points discussed included:

  • People are allowed to do homecoming only if they have had two and one booster vaccine injection while still following strict health protocol.
  • The Ministry of Transportation will coordinate immediately with the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Ministries, and Institutions, along with other related elements as a follow-up to the 2022 homecoming policy.
  • The Ministry of Transportation will issue a Form Letter (SE) regarding technical implementation guidelines in the field, both for foreign and domestic travel.
  • The SE of the Ministry of Transportation is needed as a reference to ensure that the implementation of foreign and domestic travel can run smoothly and safely from Covid-19.
  • The technical implementation in the field will be discussed with stakeholders, including the Indonesian National Police, related to the mechanism for monitoring the provisions of travel requirements and the application of health protocols in the field.

Stay Convenient to Transact When at Homecoming Travel with ATM Link

Homecoming has been a tradition in Indonesia for a long time. Usually, this annual tradition will be followed by an increase in the expenses of homecoming travelers. They will use the funds to pay for their trips, such as buying vehicle fuel, transportation tickets, buying snacks, buying gifts for relatives, and taking money to give to nephews or other family members as holiday allowances.

In order to anticipate a surge in transactions, financial industry players must be able to prepare themselves by taking appropriate strategic steps. As a national switching institution, Jalin will also take various strategic steps to provide convenience for people who will do homecoming through its products and services. One of the Jalin services that can be used by the public to transact conveniently when at homecoming travel is ATM Link.

ATM Link is a network of ATMs owned by Himbara (Mandiri, BRI, BNI, and BTN) that facilitates ATM debit cardholder customers from Himbara to perform various financial transactions such as Check Balances, Cash Withdrawals, Transfers, and Bill Payments. The ATM Link network managed by Jalin has more than 38,000 ATM units spread throughout Indonesia.

Through ATM Link, people who are on their homecoming can make cash withdrawals and check account balances without being charged or transfer money between Himbaras at affordable fees.

To make the homecoming trip more comfortable, people should not forget to prepare several things. For example, physical health preparation, making travel budgets, checking the health of vehicles for those who do homecoming with private vehicles, and ordering tickets at least two weeks before departure to avoid more expensive costs.

In addition, it is also necessary to remember to comply with applicable health protocols to minimize the spread of the Covid-19 virus, which is still ongoing. For those who have not been vaccinated or have not received a complete vaccine, you can check the Peduli Lindungi application to get information on the nearest vaccination schedule and location.

BTN and Jalin Cooperation to Expand the Virtual ATM Development Business Plan

BTN and Jalin Cooperation to Expand the Virtual ATM Development Business Plan

Jakarta, Indonesia – As part of the milestone to expand the reach of BTN customers and provide convenience in transacting through the ATM platform, PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. (BTN) and PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held a Kick-Off Ceremony Roll Out Virtual ATM. This event takes place concurrently with the award presentation for Jalin members at the Jalin CX Summit 2022 events on Saturday (26/03), creating momentum to agree on a timeline for the roll-out implementation that will be carried out with both parties.

Jalin introduced the concept of Virtual ATM as one of the digital roadmaps to assist banking members, particularly the State-Owned Banks Association (Himbara), in presenting ATM network management that is more widely connected, efficient, and convenient in transacting with the public.

CEO of Jalin Boyke Yurista, revealed that virtual ATM is not a term used to replace the role of existing machines, but rather emphasizes solutions for using ATM technology that allows the bank to serve customers while maintaining the user experience even if they are on different Bank ATM platforms. “This ATM menu virtualization technology also allows for healthy competition among members by enriching features through sharing platforms on ATMs and will be gradually implemented in CDM and CRM machines,” Boyke said.

According to Bank Indonesia (BI) data, the recorded value of currency circulation reached Rp796.1 trillion until February 2022. This value was added to the activity of the community’s need for money during the end-of-month long weekend momentum. Because the community requires the use of money that is still growing, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) services must be developed further. “The need to use cash is still high in society today, which is our reference for developing BTN ATM systems and services that will later apply the latest technology and security standards to accommodate the needs of people who want to transact both in cash and non-cash,” Boyke said.

Andi Nirwoto, the Director of IT and Digital at Bank BTN, expressed a similar sentiment. Customers of the company will find it easier to use the ATMs managed by Jalin if the display is personalized in accordance with Bank BTN standards. “We make sure that the screen is familiar and concise so that customers can easily use Jalin-managed ATMs,” Andi explained.

Andi went on to say that this collaboration is also in line with the company’s efforts to develop services in Bank BTN’s digital ecosystem. Until now, Bank BTN has been recorded as having mobile banking services, internet banking,,, and smart home applications.

BTN is the first member to use Jalin’s Virtual ATM module, which is available to all members. Jalin’s end-to-end management services will undoubtedly provide value for process efficiency, allowing members to focus on developing services in other business sectors that impact customer transaction convenience. “This kickoff is expected to be a sign and commitment for both parties in realizing our big step toward making Jalin the National Digital Highway that connects the larger community with financial and non-financial ecosystems,” Boyke concluded.

Jalin Holds CX Summit 2022

Jalin Holds CX Summit 2022

Jakarta – PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) held the “Jalin CX Summit 2022” in a hybrid format on Saturday (26/02) at the Emeralda Golf Club in Depok, West Java. This event ran concurrently with the Fun Golf activity and was held to show appreciation to all Jalin members who worked together and synergized to get through 2021.

CEO of Jalin Boyke Yurista, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all members. Boyke invites all members to maximize each other’s potential and develop mutually beneficial, long-term collaboration. “On behalf of the entire management, I would like to thank you for the good synergy, and please keep in mind that the cooperation that has been established can be improved further so that it is mutually beneficial for Jalin and all members,” Boyke said.

Jalin CX Summit is the company’s first event held and packaged in the form of awards to show appreciation to all members. The following members have received awards:

  1. The Best Partner of The Year (Bank Mandiri)
  2. The Most Active Issuer ATM Business (BRI)
  3. The Most Active Acquirer ATM Business (BNI)
  4. The Most Excellence Sharia Bank (BSI)
  5. The Most Responsive Bank (BCA)
  6. The Most Supportive Bank (BTN)
  7. The Most Cooperative Bank (BPD Lampung)
  8. The Most Excellence Growth BPD (BPD Sumut)
  9. The Most Loyal Bank (Bank Ganesha)
  10. The Most Active QRIS (Bimasakti)

Jalin also hosted a webinar titled E-Commerce and Its Challenges in the Digital Age on the same day. The chosen theme supports the company’s plan to become a digital payment enabler in Indonesia, particularly in the digitization of the payment system and the expansion of the acceptance of the locally known as “Gerbang Pembayaran Nusantara” (GPN) debit card as an online payment tool. Bima Laga, General Chair of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA), and Joni Haryono, General Manager of PT Infinitium Solutions (PTIS), spoke at the event.

In 2021, the reported value of e-commerce transactions had reached Rp401 trillion, and the potential for people who already use the internet but are not yet digitally literate is 20% of the total value of Indonesia’s population. “Two key factors that supported the growth in the use of e-commerce are logistics and a digital payment system, therefore it is essential for us to start supporting the growth of MSMEs because the majority of MSMEs in Indonesia are in the micro sector so that they can quickly switch to a digital ecosystem,” said Bima Laga.

Joni Haryono added that a safe system and provide convenience for users are needed to support the community switching to digital payment transactions. One of the systems that can guarantee this is the use of 3 Domain Secure or 3DS. “Through 3D Secure implemented by Jalin for all its members, Jalin will be represented as a directory server connecting payment gateways with bank members. This is expected to provide security for the public when transacting with GPN debit cards in e-commerce,” added Joni.

This advantageous time also provides an overview and broadens the acceptance of GPN debit cards, which were previously only accepted at offline merchants, to include online merchants. “Members can use this to answer public questions about how to maximize the use of GPN debit cards when transacting in E-Commerce at online merchants. This feature is consistent with Jalin’s role of providing convenience in every financial transaction in order to support the larger vision of becoming The National Digital Highway “Boyke concluded.


Impostor Syndrome, A Condition That Can Hinder Your Career

Impostor Syndrome, A Condition That Can Hinder Your Career

Have you ever felt that your achievement today was just a stroke of luck? Maybe you felt unworthy of a given position? Some of you might live through with feeling that you are not as great as or as brilliant as others think. The condition in which a person doubts their abilities and thinks they do not deserve their achievements because they feel that everything is achieved through luck is known as Impostor Syndrome.

If you ever experienced those feelings, you’re not alone. A great actress like Natalie Portman, who graduated from Harvard, also had experienced this condition. In her Harvard Commencement Speech, Portman mentioned that day was like when she first came to Harvard as a freshman in 1999. She used to feel like she wasn’t smart enough to be there and had the burden of proving that she wasn’t just a dumb actress.

According to the article published in the International Journal of Behavioral Science, 70% of the US population experienced a condition often referred to as Impostor Syndrome at some point in their lives. Another article mentioned that 25% – 30% of high achiever people experience impostor syndrome. In Indonesia, the data of people with impostor syndrome is still hard to obtain due to a lack of this condition awareness.

Impostor Syndrome in the Work Environment

The impostor syndrome term was used for the first time in 1978 by psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes. Despite the fact that there is no definite cause for impostor syndrome, several factors can trigger it in the work environment, namely:

  1. New challenges or opportunities

New jobs, roles, responsibilities, or promotions can trigger impostor syndrome. It usually happens when we shouldered high expectations and creates a feeling of fear of not being able to meet those expectations.

  1. Discrimination

Discrimination at the workplace can create unhealthy competition and feelings of having to be better all the time. It can also escalate the need to prove one’s abilities are better than others.

  1. Labeling

Labelling someone as a high performer or top achiever at the workplace can lead them to have an unreasonable high-performance standard. It will inflict a feeling that they’re not allowed to make mistakes or errors.


How Can Impostor Syndrome Affect Your Career?

Those who experience impostor syndrome are often trapped in the impostor cycle. This cycle begins with the idea that every job must be done perfectly without any help from others. Perfectionism and anxiety about poor results can lead to responses such as delaying work. Another possible response is excessive preparation and taking a long time to complete given tasks.

When they can’t achieve the goals that have been set, they will feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and see it as a big failure. Meanwhile, if the goals set are successful, they will attribute it to luck rather than a result of their hard work and abilities. The cycle that arises can even cause them to avoid receiving praise and positive feedback for their achievements.

Impostor syndrome can harm someone’s career because they spend more time proving their competence. This, of course, is tiring and counterproductive. The negative impact, which might occur, is the loss of career opportunities because they continue to feel unworthy, even though they have sufficient competency.


How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

To reduce the negative impact of impostor syndrome, these several things can be done:

  1. Realize that nothing is perfect

Start learning not to strive on getting perfect results and instead realize that everyone doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t mean lowering the quality but focusing more on small continuous improvement. Don’t forget to reward yourself for not giving up on your goals.

  1. Know yourself, acknowledge your strengths and abilities

Give yourself time to write down your skills and efforts that have been done whenever there is doubt about the success that you achieve. By recognizing this, we can change our perspective that success is the result of hard work and not just luck.

  1. Focus on what can be learned rather than results/performance

Impostor syndrome tends to give rise to the feeling that the mistake made was a failure. To deal with this, develop a positive mindset that can help you reduce anxiety about results. Think that mistakes are a learning process that will add to your experience and skills in the future.

Overcoming impostor syndrome is not easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If one day you face a new challenge outside your comfort zone at work, realize that many people have experienced the same thing and it can be overcome. Stop focusing on the possibility of failure and think of it as a learning opportunity that can give you new skills that no one else has. Happy growing!


Content Contributor:
Wahyu Murcahyati
Head of Financial Analysis & Treasury

Tips to Increase Online Sales During Ramadan

Tips to Increase Online Sales During Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the most anticipated months for the Indonesian people. Not only Muslims but also business owners who want to maximize the momentum of Ramadan celebrations to increase their products or services sales. Because every time Ramadan arrives, the expenses of Muslims also increase.

The year 2022 is the third year that Indonesians welcome Ramadan amid the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many predict that the interest of Indonesians to shop online during Ramadan this year will increase compared to the previous year. The shift in spending behavior is inseparable from the way of life that has changed due to the imposition of restrictions on social activities, which is one of the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

A survey by The Trade Desk and YouGov found that two out of three (68 percent of survey respondents) Indonesians plan to shop more online. InMobi, a multinational mobile advertising technology company, also shared similar findings. In the Getting Ramadan Rush Ready with Mobile survey, they revealed that there was a significant increase in Indonesian people spending between IDR 2 million to IDR 3 million in this year’s Ramadan.

From the same survey, it was also stated that food, clothing, gifts, home supplies, and personal care were the most sought-after product categories in Ramadan this year. While the purpose of shopping is for themselves, family members, friends, business partners, and household assistants.


Tips to Increase Online Sales in the Holy Month of Ramadan

With a series of changes that occurred in Ramadan this year, business owners must understand the expectations of the Indonesian people who want to shop online. Therefore, they must make several adjustments to optimize online sales of their products or services in this month of Ramadan.

Here are some tips to increase online sales that can be practiced during Ramadan:


Market research

Before Ramadan arrives, business owners must do market research. The goal is to find out changes in market behavior during Ramadan, find which products might be popular, buyer demographics, and the best hours for promotions.

This small-scale research doesn’t have to cost a lot. If available, business owners can use the previous year’s sales data to study. In addition, they can also seek relevant data from institutions that always issue research data before Ramadan arrives.


Develop a marketing strategy

After getting the data needed, business owners can formulate a marketing campaign strategy according to the targeted audience. Each age group usually has different shopping preferences. This year, the InMobi survey report said 58% of respondents from Gen Z in Indonesia tend to shop at the beginning of Ramadan and prioritize free shipping when shopping online from most Indonesians.

However, keep in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic still exists. So, in addition to providing discounts or combining free shipping, business owners can also package more personalized marketing campaigns to create a unique personal experience for consumers. For example, if a business owner has a food product, they can make a funny, quirky, or touching video tailored to the needs of his target audience.


Get creative with promotional materials

In Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, it is common knowledge that consumers place their smartphones as their center of attention. Therefore, business owners must be able to create promotional materials with a focus on appearing on consumer phones. In order for these promotional materials to attract consumers’ attention, three criteria must be met.

  1. Tease: Promotional materials should be able to tease the users’ curiosity.
  2. Reach wider: Promotional materials must help consumers understand what is available to them and trigger action to share the material with a wider market.
  3. Retargeting: Promotional materials can embrace the power of storytelling to drive potential customers into deeper marketing channels and drive conversions.


Making special gifts or packaging for Ramadan

In addition to promos, many people also like limited edition products. Therefore, presenting products with unique and special packaging for Ramadan can be an idea that is worth trying. By making exclusive gifts or packaging, consumers can feel a sense of satisfaction when they manage to get unique products sold in limited quantities.

Business owners also don’t need to produce new products because they can also do repackaging with unique packaging designs. What needs to note is the relevance of the product. Business owners must ensure that the packaged products in special packaging are related to the Ramadan moment, such as food menus with date sauce or Muslim clothes with limited models.


Ramadan is the right month to win the hearts of consumers

Ramadan is a month full of blessings. Not only a blessing in the form of a reward for Muslims who worship, but also a blessing to entrepreneurs. It is common knowledge that when the holy month of Ramadan arrives, the interest of Muslims in Indonesia in shopping will also increase. Therefore, Ramadan can be one of the most appropriate months to win the hearts of consumers and increase business sales.

However, business owners also need to remember that Ramadan this year is different from Ramadan five or ten years ago when Covid-19 did not exist, and internet technology was not as advanced as it is now. So some adjustments should not be missed. For example, promotional campaign materials created and distributed must not forget empathy for people affected by the pandemic.

On the other hand, fully utilized advanced technology is a must to provide a unique experience to customers. When the convergence between product offerings, marketing content, and consumer smartphones converges, it can create experiences that delight, inspire and empower users. So, it will all make a difference in Ramadan this year and ultimately help the business to continue to grow.

Debit Online, an Online Shopping Alternative Payment Method

Debit Online, an Online Shopping Alternative Payment Method

Debit online is one of the favorite online payment methods used by Indonesian. A survey by the Katadata Insight Center and Kredivo in 2021 revealed these results. According to the study, 11 percent of the 3,560 respondents favor debit online as their preferred online payment method. Meanwhile, the rest chose digital wallets (65%), virtual accounts (51%), payments through convenience stores (39%), card-free installments or pay later (27%), and credit cards (6%).


What is a Debit Online?

Debit online is a banking service innovation that can facilitate customers in completing transactions using debit cards at online merchants or e-commerce equipped with OTP or 3DS (3D Secure) security. The funds used for transactions can come from customer savings accounts or debit online card balances, which are already top-up.

According to a Kompas article, this facility was introduced in the first place by Bank Mandiri in Indonesia in 2013.  It was the first visa debit card certified by Visa (VbV – 3DS) in Indonesia used for online shopping at online stores that have been Verified by Visa. The certification functions to ensure transaction security and protect users from cyber fraud.


Benefits and Disadvantages of Debit Online

The presence of debit online can be an alternative online payment method for customers who do not like to be ‘indebted’ to the bank because the source of funds used is the customer’s funds. In addition, customers can also experience several other benefits from this debit online service. Here’s a brief explanation:


Benefits of debit online:

  • Online shopping easily: Customers who have a debit online facility can shop online easily on various platforms that already support the 3DS security system, both at home and abroad.
  • Practical: Customers can complete online shopping transactions without switching from an e-commerce application to a mobile banking application.
  • No interest or fines: Unlike a credit card, debit online can be used for shopping without worrying about interest and fines because the funds source is from the savings account of the customer who owns the debit card.
  • Big amount of transactions: Debit online users can transact in bigger amounts than the credit card limit so long as the nominal transaction does not exceed the balance in their savings account.
  • Debt-free: Debit online customers are not listed as parties who have debt like credit card customers because the funds used are funds in the customer’s savings account.

In addition to paying attention to the benefits, customers also need to consider the disadvantages of debit online to choose and use the payment method that best suits their needs. Here’s a brief explanation.


Disadvantages of debit online

  • No monthly installments: In general, debit online does not facilitate installment payment, so customers must pay their online shopping bill in full with funds from their savings account.

The Choice Is in the Hands of the Customer

Indonesian people currently have many choices of digital payment methods. Each of these payment methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, customers can use a digital wallet to shop online without having a bank account. However, most of these services are limited to domestic use only.

Payment methods through minimarkets or retail outlets are also a promising option in Indonesia. However, this method is also limited to use domestically, needs to count the cash, and customers need to go to the nearest minimarket only to make simple transactions.

Therefore, the presence of debit online can actually be a middle ground for the people of Indonesia. This service can facilitate Indonesian people to make online shopping transactions conveniently, and they don’t have to worry about bills at the end of the month like when using a credit card.

However, take note that every individual needs and level of financial literacy are different. Thus, the favorite payment method between one individual and another is not similar because each individual chooses after considering various financial aspects of his own.