November 3, 2021, marks the five-year journey of PT Jalin Pembayaran Nusantara (Jalin) in Indonesia, who continues to play an active role in realizing the efficiency and sovereignty of the national payment system. Now, Jalin is ready to take a step forward in realizing its vision to become The National Digital Highway that provides convenience and more meaningful digital transaction experience in every step of the Indonesian people.

Jalin was established on November 3, 2016, by the initiative of the Ministry of SOEs, Telkom Indonesia, and the Association of State-Owned Banks (Himbara), namely BNI, Bank Mandiri, BRI, and BTN. Jalin’s business move began in 2017 when it obtained a Principal License for ATM Switching and a Principal License for Debit Switching and Clearing. Then, since June 19, 2019, following the direction of the Ministry of SOEs, Jalin’s majority shareholder changed, which was owned by Telkom Indonesia to PT Danareksa (Persero).

This is part of Jalin’s strategic step to support the cashless society movement promoted by the Government since 2014. As a starting point, Jalin provides two primary services, namely ATM switching and Debit switching with the “Link” brand to facilitate inter-bank transactions anytime, anywhere.

In 2018 Jalin obtained Operational Approval for the BI-RTGS System Participation. In the same year, Jalin continued its innovation by preparing ATM Managed Service business. This service was officially launched on January 1, 2019 and became one of Jalin’s core businesses in addition to switching services.

The ATM Managed Service is an innovation to provide support in managing ATMs owned by banks that are members of Jalin. The scope includes the maintenance of ATM machine and ATM cleanliness. This is in accordance with Jalin’s mission to support the management of technology-based national banking physical channels, thereby providing efficiency and increasing service security for Jalin bank members.

A new milestone in Jalin’s journey as a Switching Institution occurred in 2019 when the company received a permit as a QRIS operator by Bank of Indonesia (BI). QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) is a national QR code standard to facilitate digital payments through server-based electronic money applications, digital wallets, or mobile banking.

Through QRIS, QR code operators can be interconnected and interoperable. To support the implementation of the BI QRIS program, Jalin partners with several PJSPs (Payment System Service Providers) consisting of Banks and Non-Banks who are members of Jalin’s QR Switching service.

In 2020, Jalin also played an active role in supporting the merger process of 3 government-owned Islamic banks into Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), at the direction of the Vice President of Indonesia. This support was carried out through the integration of information technology systems of Bank Syariah Mandiri, BNI Syariah, and BRIS during the interim merger to become BSI.

Strengthening Foundations and Elevating Growth Value

Now, in its fifth year, Jalin is ready to transform into a digital enabler that connects people with financial and non-financial ecosystems. Titled “Jalin5ary” (Jalinfiversary), the number 5 in the logo reflected the spirit of the fifth anniversary, which combines blue and red colors with dynamic shapes and symbolizes digitization.

The tagline “In Every Step of Your Digital Way” complements the logo as a reflection of Jalin’s commitment in presenting a variety of new payment service innovations. Three main keywords make up this tagline; We Grow, We Transform, and We Make It Happen, which contain the mission of strengthening the foundation and elevating the growth value.

We Grow is a strategic step that becomes the initial foundation to face the era of digitalization and the changes of Jalin business landscape. The fundamental thing to do was by defining a new corporate culture, marked by the launch of JalinID culture on Jalin’s fourth anniversary. A year since its implementation, now JalinID plays a pivotal role in shaping the character of Jaliners who are more capable, synergistic, and resilient in facing changes due to business challenges and the pandemic.

We Transform is Jalin’s initiative in facing challenges in the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) era in order to grow. This is marked by organizational transformation to strengthen the foundation and Jalin’s active involvement in various national economic development synergies initiatives, which is realized through the cross-border QRIS payment system and PMO Shared Service.

We Make It Happen is Jalin’s commitment in realizing an interconnected, interoperable, and efficient payment system in Indonesia, along with the technological advances and the increased mobility of people. This is presented through the addition of Link network members which currently have 31 members consisting of banks and non-banks, various business synergies with industry players, as well as investments in digital innovations.

To support interbank transaction infrastructure, Jalin also synergizes with BUMN and Himbara in developing various service features for Jalin member banks, including Himbara. Digital innovations and physical channels such as Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), and Cash Recycling Machines (CRM) are also being developed so that people’s financial activities can be more convenient.

Entering the fifth year, Jalin will continue its active contribution in realizing efficiency of the national payment ecosystem. At the same time, Jalin supports the Government’s program in expanding payment services that reach all corners of the country. Supported by business activities based on effective and good corporate governance, in the future Jalin will be more ready to accompany people’s every step of digital transaction way.