Security aspect is one of the important things that need to be considered in each of our transaction activities when using an ATM machine. Even though the transaction devices are equipped with highly secured technology, customers still need to take various preventive measures to avoid crime.


First thing first, always implement Covid-19 health protocols

Before making a transaction, make sure you have implemented proper health protocols, starting from maintaining a distance of 1-2 meters from other people, using a mask, and cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer before and after transactions.


Pay attention to ATMs surrounding in quiet locations

Usually, crimes are committed in locations where ATM machines are empty of visitors. If you need to make a transaction, first pay attention to the conditions around the ATM to ensure location security.


Ensure the authenticity of the ATM

Please check The ATM machine such as card reader and keyboard before you make any transactions. If you feel that the device is not in good condition or there are scratches and plasters, you should cancel your intention to use that ATM machine.


Beware of hidden cameras

The theft mode can also be a small camera hidden at a certain angle to see your ATM pin. The camera can be hidden where you are not aware of it. Try to pay closer attention to the ATM environment, especially if there is a small box stuck to the surface of the ATM machine.


Don’t trust strangers who offer to help

The perpetrator will pretend to offer help when you experience problems at the ATM machine. It is recommended for us to directly contact the Bank’s call center that is listed on the ATM screen (not on a sticker that might be suspected of including a fake call center number).